Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hi!! How is everyone? I´m here in Portugal! This is the first time I´´ve been able to access the internet since I´ve been here..heh heh.. Tomorrow I start my art classes at the University of Porto!! YAY!! I´m not sure when I´ll be able to post again though. I just wanted to say hi! I´ve been writting a lot not too much drawing though.. Well that´s all for now!!

by the way
I changed the blog to have Portuguese flag colors!!


Connor Bry said...

YAYA! i hope ur having fun Fupi! monica is here from canada and it saddens me u aren't here to see her u guys would have been super friends! I hope ur having a great time, and i hope you have soo much fun at the University take some good pics k! i wanna see them! HAVE FUN!

-Connor :D

kitty-0-doom said...

Hey Connor! Aw Im sad i missed Monica, I remember talking to her on MSN. My classes where fun, Ill post about them later lol. I´ve been taking pics once in a while but they are noooowwwhhheeerrreee as good as yours!! I miss you all!!

Connor Bry said...

oh hush hush im sure their beautiful! and we all miss u!

Will said...

Filipa, if you don't chance the "Coy" on your quote from Star Trek to "McCoy", which is right, I'm afraid I'll have to disown you as a friend. And that would be sad.

kitty-0-doom said...

Wow I cant believe u noticed lol i didnt know ppl read my sidebar stuff no one every comments i didnt even know u came and read my blog will! u guys need to comment more!

Connor Bry said...


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