Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hinata's Vendetta

Inked and colored on photoshop :)

this is a lil joke for any Naruto fans ^^
for those who don't know Naruto it's a manga
They're ninjas lol
 Hinata, a really shy ninja girl that kicks butt, confessed to Naruto (after about a 100+ chapters of ppl waiting to see her confess) and her confession motivates Naruto to  kick some evil ninja's butt.
But then we never get to see Naruto go talk to Hinata after the fight is over. SHe's just cast aside, and forgotten and ignored. It's beeen like 50+ chapters sinsce then and still NO HINATA! :P well this is what I invison should be her reaction once Naruto goes back to his village and goes to see her ^^

click on the image to see it close up and find out what Naruto is saying :)
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