Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hi! From Cape Verde

I am vacationing in Cape Verde, on the island of Sal.
Today I went to the beach, it was great!!! Here's some pictures!
at the beach :D


I'm enjoying myself so much ^^ but don't be jealous k?
haha please enjoy my fail mspaint drawing of Envy ^^
drawing with a mouse pad and a finger is not fun... trust me xD


Carson said...

I will be jealous...well of everything except the shark...he is a little dead.
Enjoy CV for all of us.

Ze said...

Looks like you are having fun. Keep taking pictures and writing and drawing.

What have you been eating? I want to see pictures of that too.

Also some pictures of Vovo Celso's famous garden.

Will said...

Salut Filise! T'as l'air de passer des super vacances. Rends-moi un courriel sur Gmail, si t'as le temps. J'adorerais te parler de nos deux vacances!