Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dress in Progress

So... a whole bunch of girls in my grade have already started to look for and buy dresses for Senior Prom. I'm not really the kind of girl that really cares much about that sort of thing, but yesterday while browsing the internet, I decided I'd take a look potential dresses I could know... for fun.
I looked through a good amount of sites, but I couldn't find anything that I absolutely LOVED, or that was really me, and when I found something I did like it costed hundreds of bucks. Frankly, I don't care enough about prom to be willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress I might only wear once.

So last night I decided that it would be fun to just make my own dress! I drew up a design and today I spend the day making it. It's not finished yet, lots of little details to fix and add. (purple string at the bacjk that should be black, etc.) Also, since I don't know how to use a sewing machine I had to sew by hand so it's not very strongly held together. I'm going to have to go back and reinforce everything.

 But yeah... this is what i have :3 what do you think? (and please forgive my fail-quality webcam pics xD)


tapioca said...

absolutamente FANTASTICO! Aposto (bet) ninguém vai estar tao fascinante como tu. Ehs uma verdadeira artista. Parabéns Pipinha e muitos beijinhos

Michelle said...

Beautiful dress! I made my own prom dress too! I love the purple! Mine was white blue and green.
Have a wonderful time dancing around!

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