Sunday, October 5, 2008

Camp, by FE


A great flash of light blinded her...again. A strict cruel voice sounded behind the light.

“TURN!” it yelled.

She turned.

“No! No! To the LEFT! I said to the LEFT!”

“No you didn't” - she thought... Many times a day, did she think of talking back to this jerk, but she knew she couldn't. The consequences would be...too harsh.

“GOOD, GOOD!” shouted the voice, “Now turn in a circle!”

She twirled in a quick circle.

“No! No! Slooooowwwwwly!”

She turned, slowly, and huffed. She was tired of this. Around her and in other rooms were other girls going through this same process. Beautiful girls, who all probably had something better to do yet were wasting their time here.

Unlike most people might think, all the girls here were quite talented. Jessica was a singer with a voice that made you forget whatever you were doing and would draw your attention as if she was the only person in the room. Melony wrote novels, good ones too, but was simply too shy to have them published. There were several actresses, like Tania and Margie. There was Kayla, who was a scientist, which was a bit unusual for this crowd.

But they were all civilized, intelligent girls. So, maybe they weren't geniuses, not counting Kayla of course, but they weren't dumb either. Well, there were a few of them who weren't exactly bright, perhaps a bit air headed sometimes. Still smart, dumb, talented or not, most of them really were just wasting their time.

'RING' The lunch bell rung.

A rush of people ran, no, speed walked, across the room. Soon there was no one there...except her. She sighed.

“When will this HORROR END!” she yelled into the empty room.

And as though, waiting for a reply, she stood in the now cold breathless room, ready to collapse. Then after a few silent moments she left the room; to join everyone else in the humdrum daily routine that they went through.

“One day,” she thought “ One day I will leave this place. One day I will leave this...this...Model Boot Camp! And when I do will join the world and begin a new life.”
Written sometime in 2007 I think...
The story was basically written on the idea of a model boot camp.
I thought it would be a cool idea so I wrote about it. The title right now is just "Camp" because I didn't want the reader to know what kind of camp it was exactly until the end. Giving it the name of "Model Boot Camp" would just give it away immediately, and that would be no fun!
One thing I like about this story is that you don't really learn anything about the girl. It's all pretty mysterious.


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