Thursday, October 2, 2008

For Muia

A sweet smile
on her face.
A gleam of power
in her eye.
She doesn't care
what you think.
She does whatever
she wants.
Her essence is praised
by all around her.
Her youth is wanted
by elders everywhere.
People remember her.
People forget her.
As she walks,
she brings happiness.
As she dances, smiles,
and flowers grow.
Her name is
and she is here
by FE, 8th grade, 2007
This poem was written for a English project on childhood i wrote in 8th grade.
My inspiration was Maya.
She was my description of childhood.
MAYA, I love ya!! You are my inspiration for everything!
Thanks for all the excitement you give me. HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY!!! NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS AND ALWAYS BE YOUR ADORABLE SELF!!!


Ze said...


You are really outdoing yourself.

I want more. Post more please.

Elsa D. said...

e tu tb continua a ser como ├ęs. ADORAVEL.
gosto do fundo branco e das letras roxas