Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Honor of The Snow

No school today due to lots of snow. So I decided to put this up. I drew her yesterday, and the following poem is one I've been working on for the last week or two. Enjoy.

Winter's Song

The landscape is pale white,
the snow has covered everything in sight.
And as the ice crunches beneath my feet,
I look around and see there is no one around to greet.

The sun though covered by a cloudy blanket,
still does it's best to warm me, for that I must thank it.
Everything is so still and serene,
as every creature tries to remain unseen.

Slowly, slowly creeps in the unforgiving cold.
and those who dare to welcome it, are very bold.
And even thought many wish her gone,
Winter continues to sing her silent song.

But let there be no doubt on how long she will stay,
for all know it is only until the very first spring day.


Gabby said...

awesome post!

tapioca said...

que lindo, Pipinha.
Vou guardar todos os teus poemas. Quem sabe, um dia, não os publicas?

ze said...


This is taking it up a notch.