Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Little Late

... yeah I guess when I said tmw I was lying, without even knowing....oops...

Here's the list of all the cats:

Delya (deh-lee-ah)~~~~F~~~~Sarcastic, slightly arrogant, pretty smart
No Name~~~~~~~~~~M~~~~~Dumb, stupid, idiot, moron, no brains
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(this is also what the other cats call him)
Cuddles~~~~~~~~~~~F~~~~~Cute, baby, nice, sweet,adorable
Mei~~~~~~~~~~~~~~F~~~~~Love,romantic,kind to everyone
Marquas (mar-kas)~~~F~~~~~Nerd/ dork, super intelligent
Meep~~~~~~~~~~~~~M~~~~~~Shy, gentle, quiet
Mort~~~~~~~~~~~~~F~~~~~~~Dark, silent, scary
Loki (low-key)~~~~~~F~~~~~~~Trickster, sinister
Scarelet~~~~~~~~~~~F~~~~~~~Easily scared, scaredy cat
Soli (so-lee)~~~~~~~~F~~~~~~~Happy, cheerful, hyper, loud
Igor ~~~~~~~~~~~~M~~~~~~~Angry (@ the world), spiteful,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hates everyone and everything
Jack~~~~~~~~~~~~M~~~~~~~Sporty, active, athletic
Robus~~~~~~~~~~~M~~~~~~~Cool, calm,
Min Min~~~~~~~~~F~~~~~~~Tiny, mini, small but mischievous
Smalls~~~~~~~~~~M~~~~~~Same as Min Min
Sloth~~~~~~~~~~~M~~~~~~~Lazy, slob, always eating or sleeping

< (=^ - ^=)>


Anonymous said...

Hey Filipa; you haven't posted in a while. T.T I miss your posts.

Gabby said...

I like Sloth the most. His lifestyle is ingenious.