Friday, April 17, 2009


Oh my... I haven't posted in forever...
I meant to put up an April Fool's Day Feline Friends comic, but I underestimated how long it would take to color it, and I still haven't gotten a chance to finish it. Hopefully, I will get to finish it this week, since I am on April vacation now! WOOHOO!

BUT just because I haven't posted anything, doesn't mean I haven't made anything!! I have been making lots of drawings, I will post some of them here later on.
A few days ago, I made a video of Elsa jump roping, which is posted on her blog.

I also made a drawing as a birthday present for one of my best friends, Jen, who is going with me to ANIME BOSTON!!!! WOOO!!
(I will probably rant about Anime Boston sometime soon, by the way ~.^ )
It was coming out so well, I scanned it at every stage, afraid that I would mess up and have a ruined picture FOREVER!!

Personally, I like the pencil sketch best. ^-^

Jen is the taller one, duh (I'm so short lol), she is "The Wolf ". I am "The Kitten". These are our codenames, hehe, since we are "F.B.I. F.R.I.E.N.D.s", it's a long story, for another time, heh.

Alright... that's enough for now! I'll post more very very soon!!!


Korea-Seoul-Map said...

very nice blog!
do you know Seoul, Korea?
If not, visit my blog!
Have a wonderful day~~
Thanks a lot~ ^^

Elsa D. said...

Adorei o lobo e a gatinha Pipocas. Quero mais. Quero mais videos quero mais desenhos. Quero que escrevas mais....
Ja sabes eu sou assim quero sempre mais.
love you

kitty-0-doom said...

Thank you so much for your comment Korea-Seoul-Map, I'm glad you like my blog!! I'll be sure to visit your blog!
Have a great day too!

Gabby said...

Now I only have the weekend! Why can't we have the same week of as Mass?

kitty-0-doom said...

I know exactly how you feel Gabby!!
It would have been so much better to have vacation together!!