Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today I begin my FIRST day of summer vacation.
I went to school took my last final exam. Chemistry, which was not as horrid as I thought it would be but that might be because I study from 11:3o am to 10:00 pm yesterday, don't get me wrong however it was still rather bad. But enough of that! ITS SUMMER NOW! HUURRAH!! (sigh I only wish the weather was like summer... it's been raining for the past week eck xP )

Now I'm going to go take a bubble bath, and then I am going to R-E-L-A-X!
Tommorrow I might be going to the beach with some friends,on our annual last day of school beach trip. =D

~~~~~~~~YAY!!! SUMMER VACATION!!!!!~~~~~~~~


CmmD said...

Come to Syracuse! it has been sunny, and today it will be 90!

Gabby said...


kitty-0-doom said...

90!! I'm so jealous! I wish it was 90 here!!! :O

Maya said...

awsome post did you really take a bubble bath???????????????? - Maya