Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some Drawings and a rant

These are two sketches I've done recently.
This one was sometime in April-May, it's a witch riding on her broom in the moonlight with her kitty, I was inspired after watching Kiki's Delivery Service for the, I don't know, umptheempth time? hehe. I think she looks cute but that could be just me... :)

The next one is the most recent drawing I've done, I finished it about 10 minutes ago! hehehe!
It's just a sketch with some characters of this really cool anime I've been watching called Pandora Hearts! You can watch it here. It's amazing I <3 href="">
Characters from left to right: Break, Emily(a lil dolly thingy on Break's shoulder),Sharon, Gil/Raven, Oz,and Alice
Break: They're a rather odd lil trio, now aren't they!?
Emily: ya ya!
Sharon: Why you're rather right Break. They're quite peculiar,
Gil: Who the heck are you calling weird?!?! You un-aging freaks!
Alice: Hey Oz! Can we go get some more meat now !?!
Oz: (humming a song) OK!

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