Sunday, May 31, 2009

Leonard Cohen

Last night's concert was very good! I really enjoyed it, and there are a lot of his songs that I really like. He was great, his band was great, the theater building was great, the lighting was great, it was all AWESOME! But even though now I know a bit more why people like him so much, I still think his fans are all rather... well, crazy! hehehe, and that includes my mom! :)

We got there about an hour and a half early so that we could "meet other fans"... My mom had posted on the Leonard Cohen Forum that she was coming with me and her sister, and that she would be wearing red shoes but she thought it was just a joke and nearly didn't wear them, but my aunt convinced her to do it, and she did. And sure enough a few minutes after we got there a lady came up to my mom and said "Do you post on the forum? Are you the one who said she was going to wear red shoes?" And so my mom and the lady started talking. The lady was from Ireland, and was a big fan, she even got her kids into liking Leonard Cohen! She had gone to his NYC concert (and had a picture of him and her at his hotel), and now she came to the Boston one, and she was planning to every concert in Ireland, one in the UK, and another in Lisbon (which my mom is thinking of going to), and one in Barcelona. In other words she's going to nearly every single one of his concerts. Yup, his fans are all pretty crazy! But they have good reason, he really is a great songwriter, and poet. I feel sorry for him though, 74 years old and he has to sing for 3 hours and put up with his insane fans lol, and I think there would be a riot if he was to get married because there are many lady fans who still haven't gotten to propose to him yet, hehehe.

Still, it was a very fun concert, and I enjoyed it and recommend you to go to one of his concerts! HURRAH FOR LEONARD ON A GREAT JOB!!

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Elsa D. said...

you have to listen to his song, Because Of

... he found a way to answer us with that song ;)