Friday, May 29, 2009

Long Time No...uhhh write?

I'M BACK!! heh...heh...heh....
Yeah... sorry for the lack of posting, I've been busy (more like distracted)
I've discovered lots of things that have been keeping me "busy", hehehe.
Like, and and I've been busy reading mangas and watching THE NEW FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST!! WOOOT! As well as a new AWESOME anime called Pandora Hearts, which rocks!! ROCKS I TELL YOU! :)


Last weekend I went to the awesome, amazing, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, funtastic and any other good verb, ANIMEBOSTON CONVENTION!! hurraah!
I went with my friends Ian K, who was L from Death Note, Natalie, she went as a Japanese school girl, and Jen, who went as Kyo (female version) from Fruits Basket or Furuba :).
And I was ED ELRIC! From Fullmetal Alchemist! YAY!
I made a coat and everything! I was even the right height hehehe! (He's short, I mean FUNSIZED, too just like me!!)

Here are some pics!!

Ian- He was supposed to have a black wig... but I forgot it

Natalie- You can see she was pretty excited

Jen-aka Ookami-chan-aka my F.B.I F.R.I.E.N.D- aka math and anime club and chinese club buddy- I tried to convince her to dye her hair that color but she wouldnt :P

This is me and some reallyreallyreallyreally tall dude!
And he had the best reaction to my shortness ever, hehe, he asked how old I was and when I said 15, he screamed" AHHH THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE WATER!!", it was pretty funny! :)
I'll put more pictures of my coat and of other cosplayers and other stuff later.Now I have to go play with my little baby cousin who came to visit from Syracuse,NY.Her mom, my aunt, my mom and I are all going to a Leonard Cohen Concert this weekend :) !


Gabby said...

Do u and Maya want 2 come see HP and the HBP w/ me and my parents? It's July 15. PS I miss ur posting!!! Post more!!!

kitty-0-doom said...

I'd love to! But... I think I;ll be in Portugal then! :'( If im not i'll defintely go with u!!!!!

Elsa D. said...

cool, but I want see more photos of your costume ;)