Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kid explains to Principal

He he he 'kay so this next poem is a bit...uhm strange...and uhm borderline inappropriate xD
I had to write a narration poem in class with a partner. My partner was Rachel, a friend of mine. She's really nice :3 Well what we basically had to do was tell a fairy tale from a different perspective/point-of-view. This poem is basically what i thought of right away when she gave us the assignment and i remembered this fairy tale (I'm not telling which it is, you can figure it out :) ). Ha ha ha. Then I just ranted to poor Rachel and then she added in some details as i frantically wrote it all down xD Today I read it to class, people were quite shocked ha ha ha. I'm starting to worry my teacher a bit, 'specially after I read Mary in class too. I feel sorry for Rachel though, now they think she's as messed up as I am. Sorry Rachel! :D  Well anyways here's the poem! (BTW hope no one is insulted by this poem in anyway :3 )

Kid explaining to Principal
by FE and Rachel S.

So I was walkin' through the woods
playin' hookie,
when I saw this chick
in a glass case thing!
An' she was surrounded
by these midget dudes!!

Well so, the first thing
that came to my mind

So I did the only logical
thing I could do!
I grabbed a big branch,
and started whacking them with it!

An' they were flailing
an' screamin'
but I couldn't hear what
they were screamin'
since I was listenin' t' my ipod.

An' besides you can't trust
midget thugs...
or is it politicians y'can't trust?
I always get those two mixed up...

Well anyways!
Out of nowhere,
this tall dude
with tights an' a cape
jumped out!
(well he was tall compared t' the midgets)
An' he started suckin'
the chick's face off!

So naturally,
I whacked that foo' !

Well after all that,
I was just standin'
in the woods
with a bunch of
 unconscious bodies
all around me.

An' since I didn't know
what else to do
I called the cops!

Unfortunately I forgot
I was supposed to be in school.
So the cops brought me here,
an' now here I am
explainin' everythin'
to you Mr. Principal!

... Hope you liked it xD...
yea this is exactly what first came to mind when i thought of Snow White, and a "different" point-of-view xD
I swear there is nothing wrong with me (or Rachel, Rachel is totally normal) I just have a very strange imagination :3

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