Sunday, December 13, 2009

Plate of Knowledge and Cup of Envy

Two new poems for creative writing. "Plate" and "Cup" poems... idk who comes up with these concepts. Couldn't our teacher just say write a poem about ---- ? Well anyways, I got a Plate of Knowledge and a Cup of Envy. I think they came out alright... not really sure if it's exactly what I was supposed to do but anyways...

Plate of Knowledge

An old forgotten library,
filled with dusty books.
Don't be afraid, venture inside!
You never know what you will learn.

An ancient scroll is found
holding secrets of the past.
Enlightenment is reached
after reading just a phrase.

To master the lore
from the days of old,
you must listen to the wisdom
whispered between the bookshelves.

Cup of Envy

Beauty like no other.
Clear sparkling eyes,
perfect smiles,
soft smooth skin,
silky flowing hair.
I envy those who are beautiful.

Wealth like no other.
Gold necklaces,
diamond rings,
ruby-studded gowns,
silver slippers.
I envy those who are wealthy.

Intelligence like no other.
Dozens of degrees,
hundreds of devoted pupils,
thousands of respects,
infinite career opportunities.
I envy those who are intelligent.

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