Friday, January 22, 2010

Pour Haiti


when all has crashed down around us,
when all that we know and love has been destroyed,
when crying children fill the streets,
when families have been torn apart,
when all seems to be lost,
we must still go on.

We must grab onto the strands of hope
that lay hidden and frayed,
within the rubble of our fears.

We must be strong,
and we must survive.
We must not let disaster keep us down.
We must struggle on,
and we must thrive!

To those strands of hope, we will hold onto,
and we shall plant them into the ground.
So they may grow, so they may flourish,
and so a new and better age can arise
from beneath our shattered dreams.

Hear us now, world!
Hear us loud and clear!

Do not forget us!
Do not forget us!

We are strong,
and we will survive!

Hear us now, world!
Hear us loud and clear!

We will survive!
We will survive!

But only with your help.
Un poème pour Haïti,
nous ne t'oublierons pas.
Nous sommes ici pour t'aider!
Vivre Haïti!
Demain va être meilleur!
Please help Haiti!
Donate by:
Calling 1-877-99-HAITI
texting GIVE to 50555
or going online to
Thank you!

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