Thursday, June 9, 2011

That Smile

That smile.
What does it mean?
Don't look at me with those teasing eyes,
and expect me to know your intentions.
I'm tired of your double entendres,
your sarcastic, and impatient sighs.
What is it that I'm not seeing?
You've got me lost and confused
with your unsolvable riddles.
Why don't you just remove the
veil that covers your heart?
Show me your true self.
Tell me what that smile means
and let me be yours


Captain Alexander said...

You write such beautiful love poems, but I'm always wondering if they're just based on fiction, or if you really feel this way about certain people. o:

fylisfe said...

They are based in a mix of fiction and reality.
There might not always be an exact person that I am writing about or to, but there is always the idea of a person.
I just let my imagination go free, and it tells me "Hey you're in this situation, how do you react?"

I tend to take a lot of poetic license and imagine a lot of things-- you know just kinda make it up...

Though sometimes there really is someone that makes me feel like I do in my poems and I secretly write to them through my poetry xD.

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