Thursday, June 9, 2011

Walk by the Wood's Edge

Walking down a quiet road
        by the edge of the woods
Crisp leaves crunch underneath
        my slow and steady step.

A cool breeze runs through my hair
        and a lone car rushes by.
A bird sings a sweet melody,
        and a tear drops down my cheek.

I cannot shake this heavy feeling
        that weighs down my every breath.
I cannot shake these sorrowed thoughts
        that weigh down my hollow soul.

I'm waiting for the pain to disappear
        and for normalcy to recommence.
But I know things are never going to be the same,
        because missing you'll never get any easier.

Nevertheless, I will keep on walking
        down this quiet road by the wood's edge.
And, I will do my best to rise above
        this grief that is weighing me down. Because

 Every step I take
        is filled with dreams.
Dreams of things that were,
        that are,
That will one day be
        my reality.

1 comment:

Gabby said...

HEYY Filipa!!!
Howsitgoin? Just wanted to see what's up with the family. I read all of your posts and they are REALLY good. We have been trying to reach you guys, but we always have to leave messages. My mom and I wanted to know if you and Maya wanted to come see Monte Carlo with us. Call our house with your answer :) Bye!!!

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