Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Here's some drawings for you to look at :D 

This is a sketch I was working on before I got lazy and stopped drawing for a bit. I was planning a Pleasantly Sour story in which I was going to introduce the Seven Heavenly Virtues. This is Wrath and her virtuous counterpart Patience. The scanner cut off parts of it : p 

The Kitten Pirates RETURN~!! I love drawing these two characters, but I just realized I don't think I ever named them... I'm thinking Lyra and Kyra. I think at some point I'm going to gather all the drawings I have of them and put them in a post, just so I can have everything together and see how they have developed overtime :3 Also, I plan on coloring this!

I like how this one came out. In my mind this is a humanoid Applejack riding what was going to be Big Macintosh but is probably going to end up being Braeburn, depends on whether I want to color the horse red or not >_>. ((BTW those are all characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic <3 which is a really amusing show haha)) Or it can just be a kick butt cowgirl escaping from some baddies ;D. Whichever. Also to be colored soon.
An astronaut dude. That is all.

Sketch of a RP character I created. Her name is Miho Kuro Akuma, she's an alien princess from a race called the HoshiAkuma. She's fiesty.
<3 A cute wolf and a kitten sleeping. <3

This one is really, really cool in real life. :3 Space girl planet-hopping!

Drew this yesterday on the train to Boston. It looks even better than this scanned version xD

My friend Esther~! You should go look at her blog. Just click her name ;D

-cough- No thing to see here -cough-  Just a nauseatingly cutesy sappy drawing I made of me and my boyfriend Alex... Eeeyuup.  Go on now. Shoo!

Okay so that's just some sketches and drawings. You'll probably see a few of them again after I color them in. And when I get back to UMASS Amherst, I'm going to try and photograph some really big pieces I made for an art class I took. last semester. 

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plushiesexual said...

Wahh Filipa your drawing of me is so flattering and cute! <3 (And thanks for the linkage 8D)

I wonder who that astronaut is tho? ;o