Friday, July 13, 2012

For the boy who once wished to be an Astronaut

If every star in the sky was a thought of mine,
then the night would be lit by your smile.
And if I could fly and catch a star,
to keep by my side, underneath my pillow,
then my nights would never be dark
and my dreams would always be light.

I once dreamt of a flower, white and small.
It would grow only when watered by my tears,
it would bloom only when warmed by my laugh.
My dream flower grew and grew, but it would not bloom.
Not until the day the star fell from the sky
and pierced me in the heart.

I wish, I wish I truly could fill the stars with my thoughts
and light the night with your smile.
Because then I could fulfill your dreams,
as you fulfilled my own,
and help you reach the moon
and galaxies far beyond.

For Alexander

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