Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Forgotten memories tucked away
in a tattered envelope,
I sift through your thoughts
written on a journal page.
These were once your dreams,
why did you abandon them?
Why did you leave them, and I, behind?

Now, you are off chasing after
a goal someone else put in your mind.
You let them take you,
and all that you were.
All that’s left are these broken whispers
that echo when I sleep.

Still, I am waiting for your return,
lost in a sea of missed opportunities.
Would you blame me if doubt settles in?
I can’t help but wonder,
have you already tucked me away
in some yellowing folder
and hidden it from your sight?

Surely, I am already a forgotten memory,
just waiting to be sift through
by another abandoned heart.

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