Tuesday, November 4, 2008

did you vote?

Fate of a Nation.
by FE, Nov 4 2008

The adrenaline rushes.
People rush in the streets to the polls,
grabbing the last chances to have their voices heard.
Neighbors argue and convince.

Eyes are glued to the tv.
Prayers, wishful thinking, hopes.
The fate of a nation is at bargain.

A nervous vibe is felt across the country.
As each new result is presented,
cheers, and cries are heard in every house.
Who will triumph?

The last hour has come.
The victor is about to be announced.
A moment of tense silence vibrates
through the whole country.

The next president of the United States of America


Elsa D. said...

uau escreveste isto enquanto eu estava grudada à CNN? adoro-te
you are the best

Anonymous said...

filipa!!!! you are gifteD! Remenber this.....really. don't stop writing! i think you have an old soul....
Carla D

Ze said...

Cool. Yeah, very cool. Way cool. I want moooooore.

Love you Pipocas.

isabel said...

e parabéns pelo teu aniversário!!