Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For Veterans' Day

A quick poem I came up with just now for Veterans' Day.

We will keep our homes safe
by FE Nov. 11, 2008

Bombs explode around us.
Sounds of shooting fill the air.
The enemy's war cry is heard
coming closer, closer,

Wounded warriors fall.
We will not leave them behind.
Many may think it foolish,
to sacrifice a life for one that is already gone,
but we think otherwise.
We will not leave any man behind.

Through victory or defeat,
we keep our hope up.
We will fight until the end.

We will keep our homes safe,
safe from those who threaten it,
We are not heroes.
We are just common people,
who dearly love our country.


Ze said...

Very interesting. Very, very interesting.

Gabby said...

How's the E. family goin'? My fam. misses you(and moi)! Yesterday I had the worst pain of my life! I got cat-scratch fever from Mia.