Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A poem about fantasy

The Problem with Fantasies
by FE, November 24, 2008

Fantasy will be the death of me.
My imagination runs much too wild.
My heart gets too caught up
in things that are not real.

My eyes torture me with fictional beauty.
Stories of happy endings
will keep me wishing, wishing, wishing
for my very own.

Romantic stories
of true love
will keep me waiting
for my prince,
but fantasy's high standards
may cause me to let
the one right for me slip from my grasp.

Will I ever escape this world?
Of magic and mystery?
Were everything can be fixed
with a pinch of pixie dust?
Will I someday make it out,
and see the true beauty around me?


Ze said...


I am a fan of your imagination. Write and write more (dethrone Neil Gaiman).

Elsa D. said...

I want to see them published!!!!!!!!!
gosto muito Filipa querida

Elsa D. said...

Your world is beautiful, I hope you don't make it out. We love your imagination.

Gabby said...

Good job! Never get tired of writing.

Gabby said...

Hey Filipa. Check out the new videos on my blog!

Gabby said...

On my blog there is a new poll. Vote and tell your family to vote.

Gabby said...

What is your fav. cookie? My mom and I are making cookies on Saturday. In a comment answer.