Monday, February 9, 2009

Full Moon Tonight

Since tonight there was such a beautiful full moon,
I decided to post this poem and a photo I took of the moon.

Whoever knew that the night was so long?
By FE, Feb. 5,2009

Whoever knew that the night was so long?
So quickly it passes, when we are asleep.
That seemingly short period of time,
spent going from one day to another.

Who would have ever guessed it was so long?
But as I lay here awake,
waiting for daylight to come.
I see, I feel, I learn, how very long it is.

I lay here waiting for the sandman to arrive.
I wait for him to bring me that peaceful sleep I long for so much.
But still he does not come, and the night remains merciless.

When will I get my much needed rest?
That I do not know.
When will I finally slip in to the realm of dreams?
That I can only ponder.
When will darkness once more give away to the light?
That I can only wait for.

'Til then, all I can do is count the hours,
as they pass ever so slowly.
Whoever knew the night was so long?

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