Sunday, February 8, 2009


Truth can be stranger than fiction.
Which is why once in a while I make comics based, loosely, on things that actually happen. I was at a friends party the other day, and after a couple people had left and things had quieted down everyone was just sitting around talking quietly, and well one of my friends found a tiny piece of rope...and...he made a little noose...seriously...he did.
(It was Ian K. lol)
But it was pretty funny, I basically wrote down what happened, and drew it. This is somewhat how the conversation went too.

BTW this is one of my Frizzles comics. The Frizzles are just a bunch of simply drawn characters I made so I can make stories without drawing too much :) I have lots of Frizzles comics, I'll post some more someday.

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Ze said...


I like Frizzles. I want more Frizzles.

Real cool comic. I liked it a lot.