Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The much long awaited SUPER MEGA POST woohoo!

Here they are! All the drawings I did this summer, but not counting the work I did in the art class in Porto I'll put up tht stuff later. :) Hope you like them!

My attempt at a realistic sketch of Maya

Maya as a monkey ^-^

U've seen this one already.
This one too. lol

Fyre Ghost Girl (I was watching Danny Phantom at the time lol)
I was bored and watching Fairly OddParents lol

What I wished my room looked like ;) it's getting there lol

Some penguins! The side doodles are by my friend Maria who lives in Toronto, Canada. Who went to Portugal for the summer like I did lol. (In case u see this Maria: PMT! PMT! )

Random doodle, some attempts at real life drawing and then doodles and a girl.


Honey from Ouran High School Host Club and his bunny Usa-chan
(which comes from the word usagi which means bunny in japanese btw lol)
KITTEN PIRATES! I actually have another drawing with these characters, maybe I'll put it up sometime...
The cap'n standing on the treasure chest-" MORE! MORE! I want more treasure! DIG! DIG! DIG! muahhahahaha (x infinity)"
The 1st mate who is digging-" But..but..but...I'm tired...so tired...and I ran out of rum...I need rum...rrrruuuummmmm...rum..rum..wonderful rum...

hehe just like it says Bored Beyond Belief :)

Me, me as a chibi, me as a kitty :)

Jen, chibi Jen, wolf Jen

Duva, chibi Duva, monkey Duva

Mello: She's beautiful! So perfect!
Near: She reminds me of someone, but I'm not sure who..hehehe
I wonder how many ppl will get this one and truly appreciate it lol

Character from a story I'm working on. She's a moon goddess.

Another one. She's a sun goddess.

A flower/tree spirit. :)
...no comment... ^^

Girl on left (my friend Dadinha)- Queres jogar? (Want to play?)
Me- Ok! eu gosto de ganhar! (ok! i like winning)
btw this REALLY happened lol

A fallen angel is discovered by a young girl, but the angel has suffered so much it trusts no one. What is the angel's past, that has scarred and left it so untrusting?
Will the girl be able to win over the angel's trust with her kind smile and welcoming hand?

Another character form te story I'm writing :)

It's a cat :)

A girl who might be in the story I'm writing lol.

My friend Nat says this is Maya with Panda ears lol
To me it was just a random sketch lol, but now it can be Maya with Panda ears lol.

Hold me close and slowly whisper in my ear
those sweet words of love I long to hear.
Hold me tight and never let go.
Let me feel you're heart beat next to mine
for just a while longer.

Our love is forbidden but that will never stop us.
Our hearts are one.
So let us remain locked in eachothers embrace
for as long as we can.
Every minute is precious.

We shall not spend our time together
in fear of discovery.
We will enjoy and savor every touch and every kiss.
So please whisper those sweet words of love
one last time.

I love NY

A dark emo girl

Some bad Pandora Hearts sketches lol

<(= ^ - ^ =)>
So are they any good? :)


Elsa D. said...

yes they are VERY good.
miss you

ferd said...

wow good job lol and btw i have a comment....lol lol lol ha ha lol ha lol lol ha. lol. :D n e way great job again

ferd said...

sooo.....any more posts? lol

Mitsuki :3 said...

Aww there all soo good!!!!! No comment? Positions? lol ><

Rachel said...

I Luv your drawings! its anime and cartoon and cute at the same time. im kinda the same way. im trying to paint some anime, but its not working very well... i do alot of drawing as well. I LLOOVVEE to draw animals and people. im very colorful and out going. but anime and cartoon is almost all i can do. any ideas of what i can do? email me at-