Friday, October 15, 2010

The Anime Club

I wrote a poem about some of my favourite people in the world, the members of my school's anime club <3
It was for my AP English class, we read part of the Canterbury Tales, and my teacher had us all write our own prologue :3

Prologue: The Anime Club

Hey, there bub?

What's up? What's up?

I'm here t'tell you 'bout the Anime Club!

Now, I promise not to get lazy,

while trying to describe our special kind of crazy,

but you'll have to forgive me if the details are hazy!

First up is our president,

all of us she does represent

without ever being hesitant.

Her name is Brooke,

she's never caught without her sketchbook,

and her punk-rave style is off the hook!

Second in command is the V.P.,

who just happens to be little me

as small and as deadly as a killer bee.

Next in line,

and my partner in crime,

is Jen McBrine!

Cool, smart and level-headed,

her company is never dreaded!

So in our family she's forever embedded.

Best friend of me and Jen,

is a lovely red-headed gem,

who will gladly munch on your brain stem.

It's Natalie of course,

a zombie without remorse!

Don't you upset her or she'll chase you with her horse!

Oh, I mustn't forget Kat,

who's as wild as a bat,

and always ready for ninja combat!

There's also Erin Bassler,

more hyper than a hamster,

her hugs are so tight, they could cause a fracture!

Good timid Nicole

has a heart of gold,

but she likes to see things explode.

Sarah and Brittany are really sweet,

not even a fly would they mistreat.

People as kind as they are hard to meet!

Monica is artsy and new,

Alisa, and her brother Mike ,too.

Ah ha! My mention of the boys is overdue!

In our club there are plenty of guys.

(After all the girls need someone to chastise,

but now let me continue to improvise...)

The first boy in our roll call,

is Freddie who's big as a wall!

He stands at over 50 feet tall.

Kyle Aptt always hogs

the internet searching for Manga blogs,

his eyes have become like a frog's.

Josh and Lee are best friends,

neither follows popular trends,

for they are content with their own odds and ends.

There's also Brad and his girlfriend Eve,

who are never apart, I believe.

Their love is cute and naïve.

Lastly there's Eathan,

who's odd beyond reason.

So that's our club every season.

We're one happy group,

a most merry troupe,

ready to greet you with a whoop.

Now I must say goodbye,

but there's no need to cry,

for you'll always find one of us lurking nearby!


fred said...

hey im not fifty feet tall.... im only forty five....

kitty-0-doom said...

Hmmm... what if i get u a 5ft tall top hat? :D

lol x3 I miss hanging out with u ferd we need to get together sometime :3

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