Friday, October 15, 2010


Another poem for my writing workshop class monday exercise
We had to write about of 1st day freshman year :P I think it came out ok but I'm not super happy with it :P :P

Anxiety grips my being,
my nerves are on edge,
I do not know what to expect.
I walk into to a crowded lobby,
an unrecognizable mass of people
morphs around me.
I search for a friendly face
in the mob.
In a corner I recognize
one of my friends,
I push and shove through the crowd
until I reach him.
We smile and say hello,
but we can see in each others eyes
that we are both a bit afraid.
Soon all of our friends
are herded together.
Familiar beings
in an unfamiliar place.

Now, they’ve set us loose.
After waiting in homeroom,
for an hour or two,
my day finally begins.
I hold my schedule
tightly in my hand.
this thin piece of paper
is the difference between
life and death.
I wander in circles
searching for the right room.
Time is ticking away,
it’s a battle against the bell.
I find my destination.
But there is no one here I know,
surely I must be mistaken.
So I check the room number,
then I check it again.
The schedule does not lie.
I take a seat,
and do not let out a peep.
Then a friend walks in,
I cheer with joy!
“I thought I was in the wrong place!
I walked by this room at least twice!”
I inform her.
She laughs and admits
she did the very same.
Another friend comes,
followed by a few others.
Familiar beings
in an unfamiliar place.

Many days pass,
a routine is established.
New friends are made.
New knowledge is gained.
I find myself looking forward
to each and every day.
Familiar beings,
in a familiar place.

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