Friday, October 15, 2010


Poem for my Writing Workshop class Monday exercise! xD
We wrote down 10 words, passed them around and then wrote something using 8 out of 10 of the words.
The words I got are underlined. :3


Like a bat out of

hell he entered

my life, and then

just as quickly he left.

And I, who had fallen so violently in love,

am left alone with mournful thoughts.

My soul writhes in the torment

known as loneliness.

The screams in my skull

are fighting to burst out.

His love has killed me

and I’ve been reborn

as a demon.

He made me

laugh and now

I’ll make





Have my


In case you didn't notice, the poem is in a shape of a dagger and a drop of blood ;3
Cheery isn't it? xD


ferd said...

oooohhhhhh thats daaaaark ;P

kitty-0-doom said...

This isn't as bad as what Natalie wrote, she wrote a mini story about some kid beating a cat to death with a baseball bat xD

lol I got Brooke's words xD i was happy cuz they were something i could work with xD

Ze said...

Liked it.

By the way, you need to update your kitty-o-doom profile.