Monday, December 6, 2010

Life Instructions

Monday Writing Workshop Exercise

Life Instructions

1) Eat something sweet every once in a while

2) Visit your family often, especially if they live far away

3) Buy books, read books, share books, write books, fill your house with books

4) Never leave home without a notebook and pencil

5) Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself

6) Be adventurous and curious

7) Travel to different countries and learn everything about them

8) Learn something new, about yourself and about the world around you, everyday

9) Have at least one true best friend, and be their best friend in return

10) Memorize the lyrics to your favourite songs

11) Sing out, sing loud, sing proud

12) Let your imagination run wild

13) Do something life-risking

14) Cry when you feel sad, laugh when you feel happy, scream when you’re upset, never hide your true feelings

15) Never break a promise, if you can’t keep a promise then just don’t make it

16) Don’t tell other people’s secrets, but tell everyone yours

17) Break a rule one time in your life, and then reflect on it

18) Tell someone you love them everyday

19) Always be yourself, no matter how odd, silly, or crazy that is

20) And most of all, never give up hope

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