Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Please Look My Way

Please Look My Way
by FE Dec 6 2010

I watch you from across the room,

You laugh at someone’s stupid joke.

Perhaps, you’ll turn towards me soon,

But I doubt there’s any hope.

There are times I ponder,

Whether you even know I’m here.

Then I pause to wonder,

What are the things you hold dear.

And then it finally happens,

You look my way.

My face reddens with passion.

Shyly, I look away.

My heart beats in a flurry,

And I am wrought with anguish.

My vision turns so blurry,

I wish I could simply vanish.

But I hear you call my name,

And you come to take my hand.

Thus, you’ve set my heart aflame,

And made my world expand.

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