Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I’ve reached the point where I’m ready to scream.
Life was starting to seem like a lucid dream
But of course you had to come along once more,
You, the wicked beast, from my ancient lore.
You have returned to cause me pain— that stinging pain—
But this time, I’ll disguise my cold tears with colder rain.

I confess, oh yes, I confess
 That when alone in your frigid darkness
It was easy for me to get lost and scared,
And to believe that no one even cared
 That I was slipping, falling, dying
And in the shadows— always crying.

But this time things will be different.
I won’t bow down to you. You’re not my master.
Your dark cold prison can no longer hold me,
I will free myself from your icy shackles.
 I will run. Run. So far from here.
And I won’t ever return to you.

Oh look another elusive poem has been found! Huzzah!! :) I have a few poems planned out for posting in the next few days, so enjoy my activeness everyone! I also realized I haven't really been writing anything about my poems or anything. Just posting them and that's it. So yeah, what you're reading right now is a random blurb involving me talking about my poems. Yay.



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Ze said...

Turn it into song.

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