Monday, November 28, 2011


You had a dream last night about a perfect world, but when you woke up, you forgot it.
But I remember it.
I remember you were crying and then he made you smile.
I remember you were dying and then she saved your life.
And the sun was glowing blue and the sky was shimmering yellow.
And you found something you thought you’d lost forever and you put it in your pocket. But later you found it was gone -lost once more. And your pocket had a hole.
What was it that you lost?
Perhaps what you lost was an old souvenir from when you visited that far far away place long long ago.
Or it was a small silver key that shone in the moonlight.
Perhaps it was a lie you told. A lie that grew and grew and grew until it swallowed you whole.
Swallowed you whole like when you fell in the ocean and did not wish to come back up.
Until you saw a light in the dark and it burned with all the colors of your heart and somebody told you to grab on to it and never let go.
And you did.
 But it hurt.
 So you let it slip from your hands.
But I was there to lift you back up. And bring you back to shore.
I remember you dying and I saved your life.
I remember you crying and I made you smile.
I wish the world would be as beautiful as it is in my dreams.

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Ze said...

This has the rythm of a song. Leonardesque, I think,

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