Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Listen to the Wind
2007-2008, by FE

Hush child, hush,
listen to the wind,
as it blows through the trees.

Hush child, hush,
and listen to the wind.
Listen to its stories.

Stories of woe.
Stories of love.
Stories of adventure.
Stories of great loss.

Hush child, hush,
listen to the wind.

Let it advise you.
Let it entertain you.

Listen to it's stories,
for the wind is as wise as time.
It's tales will only aid you
when times have become hard.

Hush child, hush.
close your eyes,
let your mind be at ease,
and listen to the wind.
I found this one in a notebook, I'm not sure of the date exactly so I put the years it could have been written in, it wasn't finished either, so I finished it now.
I'm going to try to put up some drawings on thursday or friday since there's no school friday.

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