Monday, September 22, 2008

some poems just because

I'm really bored so Im just gonna put up some poems I've written
The 1st's just kinda silly:

The Wiccan Chicken
Jan.19 2006, by FE

There once was a chicken,
that was a wiccan.
And everyone called it,
the Wiccan Chicken.

The Wiccan Chicken,
was a very nice chicken.
It just wanted some friends
but did not have any.
Poor Wiccan Chicken...

So the sad lil chicken,
spent it's life being a wiccan.
Shunned from society,
and not a thing to it's name
Poor lil Wiccan Chicken....
This is what happens when I try to rhyme even slightly.
I couldnt think of anything that rhymed with chicken other than wiccan.

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