Friday, September 26, 2008

Deep in the Sea

2008, by FE
This is the story of a mermaid who once had all the things anyone could wish for.
She was young, beautiful, popular, loved by all. She was surrounded by friends all the time, she was her father's favourite little girl, and her bright red hair astonished everyone. Her name was Ariel. But one day a new mermaid appeared. She was beautiful, golden haired, bright as the sun and very young. She became instantly popular, and as she did that , she took Ariel's place. Now she was the youngest, most beautiful and popular mermaid. Ariel became jealous. Her jealousy turned into fury, and she became so overcome with envy that she caused all her friends to leave her because of her constant bitterness. The new mermaid thrived, she became the center of attention and Ariel and her fiery disposition were forgotten.
All my drawings have a story.(unless they're just small doodles)


Ze said...

Good poems. Finally someone to carry on the Barbosa poetic gene.

Gabby said...

Go poems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!