Sunday, September 21, 2008


The sole purpose of this blog is as a journal where I can put my work in.
My art, my poems, my stories.
(And the occasional school essay if it turns out well ;D )
I want to share them with the world , even though I really don't care if the world likes or doesn't like what I make.
I will (of course) accept criticism, or compliments, which ever you have to offer.
Constructive criticism will help me improve my creations, which is always good, and compliments...well they just made me more confident with what I do ^ - ^.
Well that's all for now. ENJOY!! (when I actually put things up lol)

P.S.(to those people who know me personally)
If you know me please don't be nice and say you like what I made even though you hate it or something, tell me what you don't like about it, don't worry I would never get mad.


Kaja said...

Wow this stuff is really good!
Keep writing!

Kaja xxx

Gabby said...

Don't hate me but, you would get mad at somebody.