Tuesday, December 30, 2008


WOO!! I just can't wait till 2009!! hurrah!!

What awaits us in the new year?
  • the reign of Obama- yay
  • more fancy ipods- I'm sure of it
  • melting icecaps- idk about this one, maybe
  • less pollution and more global awareness and stuffs- hope so
  • chickens?- always
  • more development in technology + medicine -hopefully
  • mutant ninja turtles?- oh wait allrreeaadddy have those!
  • funny snl skits- hmmm...only if Palin does something that will get her in the news again
  • Halloween will become a national holiday-what every kid wants but will probably never get

Well ANYTHING could happen next year! ANYTHING!

but hows the new year sure to bring for me?

  • more anime+ manga - maybe the anime gods will smile upon all Fullmetal Alchemist fans and bring about a second season :), if not I'll just continue reading it and I'll watch Death Note (which I have started doing)
  • more posts- of course
  • School and more school
  • and as always I'll try to make some new years resolutions and probably never actually go through with them

New Year's Resolutions (I might not go through with)

  • I want to start taking better care fro my health- exercise, eat better, all that stuff
  • Draw EVERYDAY- I tried last year but, I did well for a couple days but then stopped, no shocker there, but maybe 2009 will be different
  • Write more posts more frequently
  • Write a book- probably a collection of poems and/or short stories I don't have the patience or time to write a novel (but who knows maybe I'll find time to do it, I doubt it though)
  • i think I'll write more lists too, this is fun
  • what else....
  • .....
  • ..
  • oh i know I'll read more and go outside more instead of watching TV and computering lol
  • watch more anime and read more manga
  • go to the anime convention in Boston cuz it was sooo much fun this year
  • and now I'm just writing stuff I want to do instead of resolutions
  • I'll stop that now
  • oh I'm also going to TRY to become more organized, but really that never happens, must be against my nature or something, I try and try but never manage to become organized
  • And LAST OF ALL : I'm going to SAVE THE WORLD ! wooooo! lol :) - I'll try my best lol

k..... that's all I feel like writing for now

I'll probably post a poem or story or something having to do with the New Year later....not now...later today or tomorrow...later.


Elsa D. said...

Pipocas querida
principalmente da parte da organizaƧao ;)

Gabby said...

PLEASE put more things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!