Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Day of Snow

Tina Kitten woke early one morning, looked outside her window and gasped. What did see that caused her to gasp so early in the morning? Outside her window she saw white, white snow.
It was spread like a large blanket, suffocating anything it could get it's hands on.The evergreen trees were white, the grass was white, the roads were white... Everything was white as, well, white as snow of course! Tina's little heart leaped in excitement, she had seen snow only once in her short life so far.She remembered well what snow brought with it besides the splendid beauty she saw outside.

Snow brought a day of fun, a day of adventures, a day unlike any other.

Tina jumped out of her bed and ran through her house shouting:
"It snowed! It snowed!"
Her many sisters and many brothers woke up with the exciting news.
Hyped on adrenaline, they rushed through the wholesome breakfast Mama Cat had made them.
Quickly they put on their snow gear, mittens, caps, gloves, scarves, boots and all.

They jumped into a big pile of snow, piling on top of each other, Tina was on top of them all since she was the smallest. Then they built snow forts and had a grand snowball fight, girls versus boys.
Afterwards, exhausted from their Snow War, they fell back on the snowy ground and made snow angels. They went inside to get some nice warm mugs of hot chocolate, but left very shortly after.
They then got busy building a big snow cat.

Much too soon, the kittens heard their mother calling once again.
"Come in little ones! Come in!" she called after them.
Reluctantly they came in, with sad long faces, and drooping whiskers. But their sorrow did not last for long for as soon as they got in the house Mama Cat announced to them that they were going to the Big Hill to ski and sled! The kittens expressions changed in a flash from sad to ecstatic!

The Big Hill was the merriest of places. Hundreds of animals came there for snow filled fun; there were cats and dogs, bunnies and monkeys, and many many more. There at the Big Hill the kittens had the most fun! They skied and giggled as they passed others who fell, but they always stopped to help after of course,they were well raised kittens. Then they went sledding, going faster and faster down the hill, swerving to avoid trees. Finally after they had all had as much fun as possible, they gathered to listen to the carolers who were by the big Christmas tree, and they all joyfully sang along.

On the ride back home the kittens started a chant, what the chant was you will never guess.
It was a chant for ice cream!
"Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!" the little kittens chanted.
You might think this odd, ice cream on such a cold day??
But the cold was precisely why they wanted ice cream, for in the cold the ice cream wouldn't melt!

After the ice cream, they all went home. The tired kittens slowly got ready for bed, their energy all spent. Tina lay in bed with a big smile on her face. Once again the snow had not failed her. It had brought her a great wonderful day, just like it had done before and would always do in the future.

By FE.
Dec 23, 2008 (11:34pm hehehe nearly Dec 24)

Merry Holidays Everyone! ;D!


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Gabby said...

It's Christmas Eve! Happy Holidays!