Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A little story/poem I wrote sometime before Halloween. It's a bit creepy so be warned.


It was a warm summer day, and the birds were singing.

Just an ordinary June day.

Mary was returning from a joyous day at the zoo

“Hello!” Mary called out. “I'm home!”

Complete silence was the only thing to greet her.

Concerned, she began to search for her family.

She searched all of the first floor,

but not a soul she found.

“How strange! How very odd this is!” she thought.

To continue her search Mary ventured upstairs.

The first room's door was wide open.

But the room was empty of life.

The second room was just the same.

Mary approached the third room,

now starting to get frightened.

This door was shut closed.

Slowly she opened the door.

It creaked and squeaked as it opened.

The room was pitch dark,

though outside it was a bright shinning day.

The curtains were drawn, and let in

only a thin sliver of sunlight.

Mary stepped into the room, and nearly slipped.

A strange dark liquid was spilled on the floor.

Mary bent down and dipped her finger in the liquid.

It was thick, and its scent was strong and metallic.

Mary put her finger towards the sunlight.

The liquid was a vivid red.

Her heartbeat quickened, and Mary stepped back.

She groped the wall for the light switch.

She turned on the light and her heart skipped a beat.

Lying on the floor in a bloody heap

were her family and neighbors.

Mary's eyes widened in horror.

Her hand gripped her chest.

Her heart flew into a panic.

Mary took a step back,

wishing to escape the terror

that was right in front of her

She felt an odd presence behind her.

It breathed a warm putrid breath onto her neck.

Mary turned and jumped away.

A white clothed figure stood in the doorway.

Breathing heavily, the figure stepped closer,

and closer, and closer to Mary.

Mary thought she heard the figure murmur her name

between each of its breaths.

“Mary...Mary...Mary...little little Mary”

she heard the figure whisper.

Mary backed away frantically,

distancing herself from the figure.

“Mary...Mary...Where's your lamb? Where's your little little lamb?”

the figure moaned.

The hairs on Mary's neck stood up.

Mary continued to back up,

and then she hit the wall.

Cornered, Mary whimpered and slid to the ground.

She curled into a ball and hid her face.

The figure calmly put its hand under her chin,

and lifted her back up.

The figure forced Mary took look into it's empty gray eyes.

Then it grinned a fiendish grin.

It exposed its sharp white teeth,

and laughed.

Mary shuddered, the figure's laughter

caused her bones to freeze and crack.

The figure revealed a dagger from behind it's back.

It lifted the dagger in to the air,

and then it plunged the dagger into Mary's heart.

Mary's screams echoed through the home,

and then stopped abruptly.

The white figure then threw Mary's lifeless body

to the ground, and walked away.

As the figure left, it silently sang to itself.

“Mary had a little lamb,

little lamb, little lamb,

Mary had a little lamb,

whose fleece was white as snow.

And everywhere that Mary went,

Mary went, Mary went,

and everywhere that Mary went,

the lamb was sure to go.”

“But Mary tired of the lamb,

of the lamb, of the lamb.

But Mary tired of the lamb,

and she declared ' No more!'

She took it to a forest,

forest, forest.

She took it to a forest and left it there alone.”

“And though the lamb, she cried,

and cried, and cried.

And though the lamb, she cried,

Mary looked not back.

Mary left the little lamb,

the little lamb, the little lamb.

Mary left the little lamb,

and never did look back.”

“A vicious wolf, he found the lamb,

he found the lamb, he found the lamb.

A vicious wolf, he found the lamb

and the lamb was white no more.

Mary lived her little life,

her little life, her little life.

Mary lived her little life

happy forever more!”

“She never saw the lamb again,

lamb again, lamb again.

She never saw the lamb again,

until one fateful day.

The lamb's spirit returned,

returned, returned.

The lamb's spirit returned

wreaked its deserved revenge.”


Ze said...

Did you consider Mary being chopped instead of stabbed?

That you she would be "lambed chopped"

ferd said...

haha thats funny! the last post not the poem...good poem though.

kitty-0-doom said...

i'd have to say i'd be a little worried if u said the story was funny ferd, just a little worried

ferd said...

whaaat? thinking people GETTING sTabbed by the ghost of a lamb she abandoned is funny is TOTALLY normal. and im THAT crazy. random EMPAHSIS.