Monday, November 16, 2009


My creative writing homework for the weekend was to write limericks.Which meant I had to make rhymes. I do not like rhyming. Not one bit. But despite that, I ended up writing 2 limericks!! After I wrote the first one I ended up talking in rhymes for about five minutes! XD

Here's the first one:

There once was a girl with luscious curls.
Her hair caused envy in all the girls.
So in an act of scoff,
They cut it all off,
And left her with nothing but some whorls.

(whorls are strands of hair)

Here's the second one, these were my thoughts after I wrote the first one, I kid you not!

So I just wrote that damn limerick.
Now will someone please give me the heimlich.
I can barely breath,
For I cannot believe,
That I just wrote one more limerick!

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Ze said...

You possess a fiendish mind.