Thursday, November 12, 2009

Haikus and Tankas

Ok, so for my Creative writing homework I had to write a haiku (a traditional Japanese poem with 3 lines with the syllable sequence of 5-7-5) and then a tanka (a variation of the haiku but with 5 lines and the syllable sequence is 5-7-5-7-7) that responds to the haiku, then a haiku that responds to that tanka and so on. We had to do 3 of each. The idea is that there are two people having a conversation or writing notes to each other,but they were doing so in poem form. Since you know EVERYONE talks in the form of a haiku and/or tanka. *rolls eyes*

Well, anyways, these were the 6 poems I wrote. The two people are arguing about wheter cats or wolves are better. (<- an inside joke between my bff Jen and me. She's a wolf and I'm a cat) They were rather fun to write!

The clever kitten pounces
her prey is captured swiftly.
The fiercest creature.

The wise wolf awaits,
 he listens patiently
 for his prize to falter.
 The wolf sweeps in for the kill.
 He is the fiercest creature.

Soft fur, and bright eyes.
A graceful elegant form.
 A beast of beauty.

The cunning shadow,
of the wolf in the full moon.
His sleek, fearsome
figure inspires awe in all.
He is the most beautiful.

A friendly feline
purrs comforting harmonies.
 The kindest critter.

 The wolf, he is a
loyal companion, he will
 never leave a friend.
Faithful to the very end.
He is the kindest critter.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PS go visit my mom's blog! she made a video of my past birthday cakes and they're very cool. My grandma, Vovo Lene, made most of them and they are works of art in cake form!

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