Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Sonnet

I had to write a sonnet for my Creative Writing Class~!
I wrote a Petrarchan sonnet. Sonnets need to have 14 lines, and 10 syllables in each line, and they have to follow an iambic pentameter (rhythm pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables, U=unstressed, /=stressed, and iamb is U/, and anapest is UU/, an iambic pentameter consists of 5 iambs, U/U/U/U/U/) .
The rhyme scheme for a petrarchan sonnet is abba abba cdcdcd or cdecde. The petrachan sonnet (or italian sonnet) consists of an octave (group of 8 lines) and a sestet (group of 6 lines). The octave must either tell a small story, ask a question or pose a problem, then the sestet comments on the story, or answers the question or solves the problem.
The shakesperean sonnet (or english sonnet) has a rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg and consists of 3 quatrains (group of 4 lines) and one ending couplet (group of 2 lines). The quatrains must each describe a different aspect of a subject and the couplet sums up the poem.
And that was your English Lesson for the day ;)

Here's my sonnet :)
No Broken Heart

Tell me, how far have you traveled young one?

Desperately searching for your true love,

only to have him fly off like a dove.

Tell me now, how much farther will you run?

Will you chase after him 'till you are dun,

with hope that it is you he will belove?

I pray for you, to the angels above,

that parts of a broken heart, you'll have none.

But to tell you truth, that matters not, friend.

For if a fool thinks of harming your heart,

I will make him pay, 'till the very end.

By no man will your heart be torn apart,

'less he wishes for broken bones to mend.

He who harms you, 'll be my dead work of art.


ferd said...

sweeeeet very....coercive?

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Filipa. Ca va?

Anonymous said...

Bonjour my name is Patrick and i am in Madame Fontes class. She is obligating me to inform you I am a slacker. Anyway she has shown me a lot of your work and it's very good. I case I forgot to mention I love manga to espeacilly One Piece

kitty-0-doom said...

Salut Patrick ^^
I'm glad you like my work :D
Tell Madame Fontes I say "Salut"!
I like One Piece too! It's very funny! Luffy is the best! xD

Anonymous said...

Hi Filipa, I'd like to clarify that Patrick is not a slacker, he just gets in trouble for reading manga in French class. While in detention I showed him your work and he thought it was very good. On a different note I also like your writing :).Keep it coming. Love Zaza

kitty-0-doom said...

to patrick- Ha ha ha. Reading manga in class?! Ha ha, I've done that before xD but i only read it before class starts and then at the end... (though it has happened once or twice that i was so bored i actually read it in class lol i just make sure i dont get caught) hehehe But Patrick dont read in Madame Fontes class! Elle est archi-chouette et super cool ;)

to Zaza- Thanks for showing off my work for me Zaza hehe :D I havnt seen u in a long time, how are you? i miss u!

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