Monday, April 20, 2009

An absolutely ridiculous story

It is funny how things never turn out the way you want them to. I spent most of the part of my day doing research for a story I wanted to write, but then I wasn't able to even start writing it because I promised Maya I would play with her. We ended up playing a game called Harold's Purple Crayon. We changed it up a bit, but the basic gist of the game was that you would pick a card with a word or phrase on it, draw it, then tell a story about it and you had to add on to the story as you picked up a card. The only other thing you had to do was keep the sequence of words in order that you picked them up. So in the end I ended up writing a story after all. It came out extremely ridiculous and amusing. Here it is: (The words I had to use are in bold)

Once there was a man who had an umbrella-shaped car. But one day he left his keys in his car, so he could not get in. So instead of taking an nice car ride, he decided to take an nap on his bed. But then he realized he did not have his sleepy-time gloves! The man could not sleep without his sleepy-time gloves!!! So he looked for them inside a violin, but they were not there, then he looked inside his dog, the were not there either. Saddened, the man decided to make himself an omelet, but then he could not find any eggs! Since he couldn't have an omelet, he decided to have a nice juicy apple, but then he found out that he did not have any apples either! The man was so frustrated!
“The whole world is against me today!” thought the man, “I guess I should just go live in a cave in the highest mountain I can find!”
The only things the man took with him were his favourite pig and his favourite pink fan. On the way up the mountain, the man got distracted by a pretty flower. Then he heard a odd noise, he looked up and saw that it was a plane flying above him. As he looked closely he saw that a queen was flying the plane. He thought that was rather weird. But then he realized that it was not a queen flying the plane, it was a moose! He thought that was even weirder. While he was watching the plane,the man realized he had forgotten his toothbrush at home! The man began to panic, he always always brushed his teeth, how was he going to brush his teeth in a cave without a toothbrush! Then the man saw a jungle and he decided to go explore in it to see if he could find something to use as a toothbrush. The man was not able to find anything. The only thing the man did find was a windmill, in the middle of the jungle. He decided to go have a look inside. However, he got bored of the windmill quickly and went back outside to the jungle, but as he went outside it began to rain! The man rushed quickly back into the windmill. While in the windmill, waiting for the rain to stop, the man heard a scary noise. Curious about where it was coming from the man decided to search for the source of the noise. Not a long time after he found where the noise was coming from. It was coming from a dragon! The man became frightened, until he saw that there was a zipper on the dragon!
“There aren't any zippers on dragons!” thought the man “It must be a fake!”
The man sneaked up behind the dragon and unzipped him! But what he found inside the dragon suit was a huge surprise! Inside the suit was a giant mutant alien banana! The man screamed an ran out into the jungle. He hid himself under a giant leaf. But the man was still afraid that the giant banana would find him and eat him, so he decided to climb up a tree. While up the tree, the man suddenly remembered that he had his telephone with him! The man called his cat, and asked her to come save him. The cat came to save him in a hot air balloon. The man and his cat, and his pig, rode in the hot air balloon to a police station. At the police station they told a police officer that there was a mutant banana on a rampage on a mountain. The police officer, the man, the cat, and the pig, all hoped on a giant butterfly and flew all the way back to the mountain. On the mountain they met a rabbit.
“The alien banana is destroying everything!” the rabbit told them.
“Oh my, we can't stop a giant mutant alien banana all by ourselves!” said the officer, “We need to get someone to help!”
“I know who can help us!” exclaimed the rabbit, “Super Octopus Man can help us!”
“But how to we get him to help us?” asked the man.
“Easy, we just give him a glass of milk” said the rabbit.

So the group called Super Octopus Man and asked him to help, but when he got there he said:
“Sorry but I don't drink milk anymore. I prefer ice cream!”
So then they gave him ice cream. After eating all the ice cream he wanted he wanted, Super Octopus Man went off to fight the giant mutant alien banana. They fought a huge and amazing battle and at the end, Super Octopus Man won. The battle was so awesome that the man and his cat and his pig, as well as the rabbit and the police officer decided to write a book about it. The book was such a big hit that even porcupines bought it, and horses too! (Even thought porcupines and horses can't read.) After a long and exciting day the man decided to go home, he realized it was a silly idea to live in a cave and besides he did not know if there were any alien bananas still around and he definitely could not afford to buy Super Octopus Man ice cream again and again so that he could be saved. As the man entered his house he tripped over a turtle.
“What are you doing here?” asked the man.
Castles” said the turtle.
“What?' asked the man.
“Castles” repeated the turtle.
“He isn't very smart” said the man's cat, “ that is the only word he knows how to say.”

The man had seen so many odd things that day that he did not care anymore and decided to go take a nap even without his gloves. But as he went in his room he slipped and fell on his hands. When he looked to see what he slipped on he saw that he slipped on his sleepy-time gloves! The man rejoice with joy, but then right after he yelped in pain, because his hands hurt a lot. The man had to go to the hospital and have an x-ray done. The x-ray showed that the man had broken his hand bones and would never be able to wear gloves again.
Yeah... by the time I got to "castles", I had ran out of ideas.
It is amazing what you can come up with at the spur of the moment thought, hehehe.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hehehe, anyone want to guess where I'm going this summer??
If you can't guess then read the title of this post!!!

Yups! I'm going to Porto!! In Portugal!! HURRAH!!
I'm going to be taking some art courses at the University of Porto in July.
I AM SO EXCITED!! I haven't been to Portugal for so long, and I haven't been to Porto for an even longer time!

This was the last time I was in Porto:

Tia Pilar, obrigada por me inscreveres! Eu estou a contar os dias!
Grandes beijos
~~ Pipocas

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Elsa, the Jump Rope Wizard

This is the video I made of my mom, Elsa, jumping rope. I hope you like it, be sure to read the post she wrote to go with it!! The music is by U2, the song is called Elevation. Enjoy!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Oh my... I haven't posted in forever...
I meant to put up an April Fool's Day Feline Friends comic, but I underestimated how long it would take to color it, and I still haven't gotten a chance to finish it. Hopefully, I will get to finish it this week, since I am on April vacation now! WOOHOO!

BUT just because I haven't posted anything, doesn't mean I haven't made anything!! I have been making lots of drawings, I will post some of them here later on.
A few days ago, I made a video of Elsa jump roping, which is posted on her blog.

I also made a drawing as a birthday present for one of my best friends, Jen, who is going with me to ANIME BOSTON!!!! WOOO!!
(I will probably rant about Anime Boston sometime soon, by the way ~.^ )
It was coming out so well, I scanned it at every stage, afraid that I would mess up and have a ruined picture FOREVER!!

Personally, I like the pencil sketch best. ^-^

Jen is the taller one, duh (I'm so short lol), she is "The Wolf ". I am "The Kitten". These are our codenames, hehe, since we are "F.B.I. F.R.I.E.N.D.s", it's a long story, for another time, heh.

Alright... that's enough for now! I'll post more very very soon!!!