Monday, September 19, 2011

Trying to Impress

The sweet taste of his name on her lips.

The soft touch of his hand on her hips.

Her heart fluttering rapidly,

A butterfly imprisoned in a cage of ribs.

She can still sense him now

Even though so many nights have past.

He still haunts her every hour

Lingering in the shadows of a memory.

The tranquil sound of her sighs against his embrace.

The teasing scent of her kisses against his face.

His heart pounding anxiously,

A lion held back by the shackles of fate.

He can still see her there

Even though the daylight has gone.

She still dances in his dreams

Lingering far away from his grasp.

Every moment they spend apart

Only serves to bind them tighter together

For they are impressed forever,

Forever, in each other’s souls.