Friday, June 22, 2012

Cheechu and Xana

These are two animal creations I made for a story I'm writing.
Cheechu is a wrenombat, combo of a wren and a wombat. Xana is a foxra, combo of a fox and a rabbit.

Cheechu is actually a result of a randomg animal generator I found via the internet: 

Pokemon Battle

Yra battles her rival... STEVE!

Okay I think this is it for the day xD I've drawn enough pokemon for now.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

> w >

Yra training with Zolt and feeding Peeko. 

More Pokemon because I felt like it.

Here is Yra the pokemon trainer and the rest of her awesome poketeam!

Dua the duduo, Mera the dragonair, Zolt the ampharos, Kuro the houndoom, Peeko the whimsicott, and Lyrraile the vaporeon.

Sacre Bleu!!

So, I've been reading a book by Christopher Moore. Maya and Ze gave it to me after I finished my first year of college. It's called Sacre Bleu, and just like all of Moore's other books, it's fantastic! I've been doing my best to make it last but I'm going to be done soon :c!

Anyways, this is a drawing of two main characters. Bleu and Lucien Lessard.


Oh my! What's this? A POST!!!

Oh goodness, I haven't posted anything in a while. I WILL CHANGE THIS! I have a nice stockpile of things to put up, so no worries! :D

For now, here's a drawing I just made! 
It's a pokemon trainer! Her name is Yra and her duduo is named Dua. Yra is a lively energetic girl and Dua is a duduo with a split personality. Together they hope to become a great pokemon team! :D Wish them luck!