Tuesday, December 30, 2008


WOO!! I just can't wait till 2009!! hurrah!!

What awaits us in the new year?
  • the reign of Obama- yay
  • more fancy ipods- I'm sure of it
  • melting icecaps- idk about this one, maybe
  • less pollution and more global awareness and stuffs- hope so
  • chickens?- always
  • more development in technology + medicine -hopefully
  • mutant ninja turtles?- oh wait allrreeaadddy have those!
  • funny snl skits- hmmm...only if Palin does something that will get her in the news again
  • Halloween will become a national holiday-what every kid wants but will probably never get

Well ANYTHING could happen next year! ANYTHING!

but hows the new year sure to bring for me?

  • more anime+ manga - maybe the anime gods will smile upon all Fullmetal Alchemist fans and bring about a second season :), if not I'll just continue reading it and I'll watch Death Note (which I have started doing)
  • more posts- of course
  • School and more school
  • and as always I'll try to make some new years resolutions and probably never actually go through with them

New Year's Resolutions (I might not go through with)

  • I want to start taking better care fro my health- exercise, eat better, all that stuff
  • Draw EVERYDAY- I tried last year but, I did well for a couple days but then stopped, no shocker there, but maybe 2009 will be different
  • Write more posts more frequently
  • Write a book- probably a collection of poems and/or short stories I don't have the patience or time to write a novel (but who knows maybe I'll find time to do it, I doubt it though)
  • i think I'll write more lists too, this is fun
  • what else....
  • .....
  • ..
  • oh i know I'll read more and go outside more instead of watching TV and computering lol
  • watch more anime and read more manga
  • go to the anime convention in Boston cuz it was sooo much fun this year
  • and now I'm just writing stuff I want to do instead of resolutions
  • I'll stop that now
  • oh I'm also going to TRY to become more organized, but really that never happens, must be against my nature or something, I try and try but never manage to become organized
  • And LAST OF ALL : I'm going to SAVE THE WORLD ! wooooo! lol :) - I'll try my best lol

k..... that's all I feel like writing for now

I'll probably post a poem or story or something having to do with the New Year later....not now...later today or tomorrow...later.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Who said you shouldn't play with your food?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Day of Snow

Tina Kitten woke early one morning, looked outside her window and gasped. What did see that caused her to gasp so early in the morning? Outside her window she saw white, white snow.
It was spread like a large blanket, suffocating anything it could get it's hands on.The evergreen trees were white, the grass was white, the roads were white... Everything was white as, well, white as snow of course! Tina's little heart leaped in excitement, she had seen snow only once in her short life so far.She remembered well what snow brought with it besides the splendid beauty she saw outside.

Snow brought a day of fun, a day of adventures, a day unlike any other.

Tina jumped out of her bed and ran through her house shouting:
"It snowed! It snowed!"
Her many sisters and many brothers woke up with the exciting news.
Hyped on adrenaline, they rushed through the wholesome breakfast Mama Cat had made them.
Quickly they put on their snow gear, mittens, caps, gloves, scarves, boots and all.

They jumped into a big pile of snow, piling on top of each other, Tina was on top of them all since she was the smallest. Then they built snow forts and had a grand snowball fight, girls versus boys.
Afterwards, exhausted from their Snow War, they fell back on the snowy ground and made snow angels. They went inside to get some nice warm mugs of hot chocolate, but left very shortly after.
They then got busy building a big snow cat.

Much too soon, the kittens heard their mother calling once again.
"Come in little ones! Come in!" she called after them.
Reluctantly they came in, with sad long faces, and drooping whiskers. But their sorrow did not last for long for as soon as they got in the house Mama Cat announced to them that they were going to the Big Hill to ski and sled! The kittens expressions changed in a flash from sad to ecstatic!

The Big Hill was the merriest of places. Hundreds of animals came there for snow filled fun; there were cats and dogs, bunnies and monkeys, and many many more. There at the Big Hill the kittens had the most fun! They skied and giggled as they passed others who fell, but they always stopped to help after of course,they were well raised kittens. Then they went sledding, going faster and faster down the hill, swerving to avoid trees. Finally after they had all had as much fun as possible, they gathered to listen to the carolers who were by the big Christmas tree, and they all joyfully sang along.

On the ride back home the kittens started a chant, what the chant was you will never guess.
It was a chant for ice cream!
"Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!" the little kittens chanted.
You might think this odd, ice cream on such a cold day??
But the cold was precisely why they wanted ice cream, for in the cold the ice cream wouldn't melt!

After the ice cream, they all went home. The tired kittens slowly got ready for bed, their energy all spent. Tina lay in bed with a big smile on her face. Once again the snow had not failed her. It had brought her a great wonderful day, just like it had done before and would always do in the future.

By FE.
Dec 23, 2008 (11:34pm hehehe nearly Dec 24)

Merry Holidays Everyone! ;D!

Friday, December 12, 2008

A reason to be HaPpY

My mom has a rare liposarcoma that she was been fighting for about 8-9 years now.She has been through more clinical trials and surgeries than I can count.And I love her dearly. She is and always will be my role model. She's warrior of a very special unique kind. She has just recently started a clinical trial in NYC at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.
Today she came home with good news. Her tumors are stable.
What does this mean?

It means the tumors didn't grow. It means that the drug is working for right now. It means she can continue to be in the clinical trial. It means that there is even more hope.

Visit her blog for more about her cancer journey so far:
I want to take a moment to thank all my friends and family that have been here to support me and my family. You guys rock!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Voldemort gets scolded

This is a drawing I did during French class. We had to do 2 signs that we would put on our bedroom door forbidding people to do something. Like "It is forbidden to enter" or something like that. This was one of my signs.
On the top it says " Please do not steal my things and my life."
Voldemort is saying " Mais, je veux ta vie": "But I want your life."
I am yelling at him for stealing my stuff and wanting to steal my life. "NO! NO IS NO!"

I plan to make a better version of it later to put on my door. ;)


Hmm... how to explain why I like Howl's Moving Castle...

Well what I liked the most was the story it told, it was really nice, I'm not sure I could tell you the plot without giving it away though. :P
It had very funny characters, I got some great quotes to put it Favourite Quotes Section on the side bar.

Another thing I really liked about the movie was how it was both funny and sad, and how the bad guys end up not being so bad after all. It's a really nice movie, but to really appreciate it you have to see it. Also I liked how it was drawn, how the characters looked and that sort of stuff. I really enjoy the japanese style cartoons, manga and anime.

If I think of any other ways to explain what was good about the movie I'll post them.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Howl's Moving Castle

I watched a reaaaaalllllyyyyy ggooooooooodddd movie yesterday.
It was called Howl's Moving Castle, it was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen.
I just really needed to say so.
It was a really nice story, good twists and fun characters and everything!!

It deserves ********************************************************************************************************************************* stars :)
I now know what to answer when people ask me what my favourite movie is :D:D:D:D:D
It's even better than the Harry Potter movies... and even maybe The Parent Trap. (and if you know me you know I love those movies ;) )

(PS these are all pictures from the film ;P)