Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The day after my impromtu class at the Biblioteca Jorge Barbosa (the library is after my great great grandfather Jorge Barbosa who was a famous Cape Verdean poet), I had my first class at Castelos do Sal. ((This was last Thursday, July, 19))

Castelos do Sal is an organization whose goal is to take kids off the streets and give them a place to play, learn, and gain opportunities they may not have otherwise. They provide food and medicine to the kids, and keep them active both mentally and physically. Currently, they have 54 kids participating in the program, and there are even more on the waiting list.

They have a really lovely space with a courtyard and two classrooms, which from what I've seen, they use to the fullest.

Anyways, I showed up to Castelos do Sal, accompanied by Maya, a bit before 2:30pm which is when my class was supposed to start. A few days before I had spoken to Alexandra, the vice-president of the organization, and we had agreed that I would go to Castelos every Tuesday and Thursday, from 2:30 to 4:30.

I decided that I wanted to start my first class with something fun, like... animals! Knowing I had two hours of teaching to do, I planned a lot of fun activities. We were going to play duck, duck, goose, and pop goes the weasel, and sing songs like itsy bitsy spider and so on.

However, when I got to Castelos de Sal, one of the workers, Felipe, informs me that Alexandra forgot that the kids have a capoeira class at 4, so my 2 hour class became more of a little bit over an hour class.

But, hey, no problem. I did my best to adapt, cut out a bunch of the activities, while still making sure that the core of the lesson was still intact and that the kids would still have fun. I even had to adapt even more as I noticed the one girl in my class had a hurt knee, so running around yelling "GOOOOSE" was no longer an option.

My lesson ended up consisting of teaching the kids animals from flashcards I printed out and having them make loud animal noises and guessing animals from the noises. I had a few too many cards for the time decreased time I had, so it was a bit to get all the names to stick.

Still, it was fun trying. I told them that snakes go "ssssssssssss" which is in their name "sssssssssnaaaake" which amused them. And, the little girl, Wendy, really liked singing and motioning the itsy bitsy spider.

I had some trouble engaging a boy in the group that was much older than the rest of the group. He was about 13, while the others were from 6-10 or so. It also didn't help that in the middle of class occasionally a kid was taken out to go brush his teeth, just another disorienting factor to make things tougher than they needed to be.

Overall, the class went well. Especially when I realized I could bribe the kids with the flashcards as reference material while they were drawing.

But, what I really enjoyed from that day was the time I got with the kids after class. My aunt Kiki called me saying she would be late to pick me up. So Maya and I stayed to watch the capoeira class and play with the kids in the time before it.

One little boy,Rafael, who had not been in my class decided that I should try to guess everyone's name and age, including his mother ((I said she was 119, he was really shocked at this and told me "No way!!")) and other family members.Wendy taught me a clapping game. And all the kids played the "guess Filipa's age" game.

I definitely prefer being their playmate to being their teacher. My goal is find a good balance between the two, but that will only come with lots of practice and experimentation. :)

I have posts in the works for the past few days as well. It's just been tough getting time to sit and type!
Hopefully I'll be able to get them done soon and catch up to current teaching time xD

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"I am from Cabo Verde"

Today, I gave the most impromptu class I have ever given.

I'm currently in Sal, Cape Verde. I came here for vacationing, and volunteer work as an English teacher, because, frankly, I need the experience. Plus, I have fun teaching! This basically serves as an opportunity that will beneficial to me and also to those I teach.

The groups I am working with are groups that usually get neglected, or don't have the resources to get English classes. And getting a basic knowledge in another language, like English, is really important in a developing country like Cape Verde, especially one that is attracting a large tourist market.

I am  mostly going to be teaching young kids that are part of various programs in Sal, designed to keep kids off the streets. They're a mix of kids that spent a lot of time on the streets either because they come from poor families that can't take care of them all them well, or they don't have a home to go to at all. The three programs I'm working for are Nos Kaza, Nos Castelos, and Africa Center 70. I'll write more on them as I go along.

But today, I was at the other end of the spectrum. Today, I was working with the elderly, who don't get nearly enough love as they should. While getting my TEFL Certificate in Madrid last summer, my favourite classes were teaching old ladies.

I'll be honest, I wasn't exactly too prepared going into class today. I was told that the senior group I was to be working with had been taking computer classes at the town library, and my job was to teach them the English tools they need to use the internet well.

I was prepared to give a lesson on emails.

I did not give a lesson on emails.

Apparently, today was just a day for getting the elderly that would be my students all organized. So there were more there than there were computers for. (They're were meant to be split into two groups, so I'll be teaching 2 separate classes each Wednesday)

So, seeing as I couldn't just send them off to computers and go from there I was suddenly given the job of organizing them and finding some way to make the best of hour we had today, while not being able to use anything I was ready for.

What I ended up doing was giving them an improvised lesson on super basic conversational English.

We covered " My name is________"  because I realized I didn't know their names at. And then at someone's request to be able to tell someone their nationality "I am from __________". And then at another's request "What is your name?" because they needed to know what the question was in order to answer it.

It took a while to get through, since all I could do was write the phrases down on pieces of paper and pass them around between the 20 or so students. I waited for them all to get what ever phrase was being passed around written down, which took time since there were only a few papers going around and they didn't have desks to write on, or the best eyesight. But I made my rounds, to check on spelling and pronunciation, all the while smiling and encouraging them. I did also repetitions in group and then individually.

I think each phrase took about 15 minutes to get down. It might have been even longer if there hadn't been a girl that works at the library there to help me out. I was extremely lucky to have her there too, she helped hand out paper, and write the phrases and help some students while I was helping others. Unfortunately, she disappeared quickly after the class was done and I didn't get her name. NEXT TIME!

At then end of the class, I taught them goodbye, and they said thank you, though I never got around to even trying to teach them that. I haphazardly  wrote "good bye" on their papers as they all approached me simultaneously to request it so they knew how to spell it, while reminding them all of the plan for next week.

Overall, it was a chaotic class. But they learnt,I  got over any nervousness I had about starting to teach classes, and we all had a lot of fun.
That's what's really important.

I never did get some of them to say Cabo Verde as Cape Verde though... and honestly, I kinda love that. 

Monday, July 15, 2013


Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you know I have 2 new posts for "For Short" at tapastic. Just clink on the link woohooo

But since one of them is just a silly bonus comic for the weekday, I'm also posting it here :D

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Misadventures of a Short Girl in a Tall World, or For Short

Hello loves!

I've started a brand new shiny webcomic and I would absolutely love it if you checked it out <3 p="">
You can find it here:


Here's a preview:

Friday, May 24, 2013


Your favourite cartoon/anime character.

While I have a lot of favourite characters, I thought it was only fair to draw Edward Elric from the manga and twice an anime Fullmetal Alchemist. FMA was the series that truly got me into the world of anime/manga and he was a character that I loved greatly. Maybe it was because we were both short, maybe because my mom had cancer which later took her life and his mother died from sickness, maybe because we both had young siblings to look after,or even all these factors, but I felt like I could relate to him. And he was a good reminder to stay strong even when live is hellish, and to never let anyone give me any trouble over my height. It was also fortunate that I came across the series while it was still growing strong. I got to experience the rush of waiting for each book to come out and then practically devouring it once I got in in my hands, I got to grow with Ed. And in the end, we both got a bit taller. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Something with your favourite color.

I was really looking forward to challenge day, because I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
Here, I drew different incarnations of my favourite color: PURPLE ! 
They were really fun to do :D

New Pink and Blue Dress

 Felt like making a dress, so I did!

I also made a flowery headband to match!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Your family or a family member.

A sketch of my lovely sister Maya. I did this while she was reading, which is the only time she's still enough to draw her.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Something you've never drawn before.

I couldn't think of anything so I went to a random word generator for inspiration. The result was "crab comet trampoline", which fit the requirement. I have never drawn a crab comet trampoline. So I drew this little comic, it's kinda silly but I'm content with it. I also used it as an opportunity to play with the no-lines style again. 

Monday, May 20, 2013


Your favourite outfit

This is my dream outfit. Yellow dress, red shoes, and a denim jacket. I even added a cute little red bow accessory. It seems like the perfect outfit for a fun whimsical adventure, or just a nice day out and about.

I also decided to experiment with a different art style. No lines just colors! :3

Sunday, May 19, 2013


An animal you think is cute.

I couldn't decide what to draw, so I drew them all. This is a catbunnybluebirdbearredpandasquirrelgoatfishhedgehogsquidturtle.

You know it's cute because its written in the background. SO KAWAII DESUUU.


One, some, or all your friends

This is one of my best friends, Will. He's a major trekkie and it was his birthday yesterday.

(Sorry for the day delay!)

Friday, May 17, 2013


Someone you like (celebrity, significant other, crush)

This is Alex as a pokemon trainer.

Blobfish, Crew Members, and SCIENCE

Some more drawings today!! 

This here is a squishable design of a blobfish. They're real fish, and really blobby too, but I thought they'd make a cute squishable plush. If you have an idea for a design, they're taking submissions right now: @ http://www.squishable.com/s/opensquish

More character designs to go with that one from the other day. From left to right, Fira (the dragon lady engineer mage), Gerard (her intern), Roger (a robot), Tiko (seahorse lemur).

Alex as a robot, and me as a scientist.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Queen Piranha Plant

I dress the piranha plant from the Nintendo Mario games into a lady in a fancy dress. >3<She'd make a cool cosplay idea, maybe for halloween or AnimeBoston next year haha.


Yourself or your persona.

This is me. I say hi.




Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fancy Ood and other Space Things

I've been in a very Doctor Who mood lately, so I drew an Ood to match my mood. :) He's fancy!

Also, last night I went through one of my sketchbooks and I found some character sketches that I thought could go together in a fun way. I have a cool idea for a comic with all these guys!

I really liked designing the princess's dress :) 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stages of Grieving

The following poems have been written in the course of two years. I don't think they're in their final forms, but this is how they are now and I would like to share them. Please let me know what you think in the comments. I hope you like them.
“Stages of Grieving”

This Is Not Denial

I can still see her
in my mind’s eye.
Her dainty silhouette
and silk raven hair.

I can still hear her
in my sweetest dreams.
Her soft caring voice
and cheerful laugh.

It’s as if she is still with me
except our paths never cross.
She is still here by my side
just never within my reach.

Memories that once filled me with joy
are now subtly laced with sorrow,
for what good is remembering her smile
when I shall never see it again.

I don’t know how I’m going to go on
without her here to catch me when I fall.
But I know I must.
She wouldn’t want it any other way.


i’m waiting for the pain to disappear
and for normalcy to recommence
but i know things are never going to be the same
missing you will never get any easier

Missing You

I went to look at the starry sky
hoping to see you twinkling—smiling down at me.
But all I found was a cloud filled night,
Cold, empty of light,
empty of you.

My dreams are still infected with
Unfulfilled promises—
unachieved goals.
Broken wishes I did not have the time to keep.

I have run away from the world
to escape the shadows in my heart.
In this new barren place I’ve come to,
there are no traces— no reminders,
and you’ve become a figment of a memory.

Here there are no singing yellow daffodils
And thus I see no ghosts of you gardening them.
Here there are no whistling tall trees
And thus I have no desire to climb them with you.

No birds flying high in the air.
(You used to want to fly with them.)
No butterflies hiding in the bushes.
(You used to find them in their flowers.)
No songs to hum softly in the night.
(You used to fall asleep to them in my arms.)

Here, in my new haven, there is nothing— nothing
because you were my everything— everything
and now that you’re gone
what is there left for me?

Now I only have the nights
Where I find myself looking
Up to where there should be a sky.
 Where I still hope to see you
Smiling for me.


At first I thought it was a blessing.
To dream of you,
to hear your voice.
to soak in the joy of your smile.

It was comforting to be with you
in the darkness between days
since I can never again
 be with you
in waking hours.

But now, these dreams hurt.
Tears have replaced mirth.
I am no longer the sure if the voice
I hear and think of as yours
is yours at all.

Did your smile really look like that?
I hope it did.

I hope I have not forgotten.

 these memories my dreams corrupt
are all that I have left.

And even if they become nightmares
I will wait every night to dream of you again.

Blunt Acceptance

My mother is dead.
She died on the first day of Spring
almost two years ago.

Yes, I know you’re sorry
for my loss, and you know
how hard it can be
when you lose a loved one.


But I know some part of you thinks
that I should be “over it” by now.
A year has passed – almost two—
life goes on, I must too.

I know it.
I think it.
It doesn’t change anything.

My mother is dead.
Even if my dreams refuse to believe it,
even if I still hear her voice when I close my eyes,
even if I see her smile in distant mirages.

Some mornings I lay in bed,
pretending that I am still dreaming.
Why should I have to wake up
when she never will?

I wish it were Spring.
This Winter has gone on for too long.
I now know why she waited so eagerly
for the snow to melt away with its frozen nights 
and for the first crocus to bloom with sunnier days.

I’m ready to cry in the sunshine.
Perhaps, when the skies are blue
I’ll stop feeling so gray,
so frozen.

I wish I were my mother.

Monday, March 18, 2013

some doodles


Thinking of making this into a shirt, what do you think?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Peter Pan

Last night I dreamt of you.
You came to me by the sky
—just like in that story from your books.
I opened my cold paned windows,
which were frosted by the midnight air.
A chilling breeze tried to race you
through my thick forest green curtains
 but this night you had adventure on your mind
so no wind, wild or timid, had a chance at beating you.
Without missing a step, you leapt
from window sill to bed edge.
I shut the windows,
chasing out the intrusive cold
and returned to the inner warmth of my chamber.
You had already settled down beneath my sheets,
like a child playing hide and seek.
 Smiling, always smiling,
your head peeked up from underneath my covers.
Your twinkling eyes, blue like the spring sky,
caught mine and beckoned me to come closer.
I feigned resistance.
Your lips saw through my charade
and beckoned me closer.


I am lost in a daydream.
My mind is in the clouds.
Only you can pull me back
On to the solid ground.

But, nowadays it’s not so bad
To be released from fantasy’s grasp.
By your side, my vision is clear
And I see that life is its own dream.

Like the pixie dust sparkle of your eyes,
And the enchanted tangles of your curls.
Or the way your smile speaks without words
And your touch puts me under a spell.

I am no longer afraid to face
Reality and the shadows I saw in it.
For you’ve taught me to look to the sky
And dance in the magic of the stars

Words Tumble

Words tumble from her lips
They tell tales true only in dreams
A princess saved-- A dragon slayed

Words tumble from her lips
They sing songs soft like moonbeams
A melody mumbled—A harmony fumbled

Words tumble from her lips
 They whisper wishes whilst breaking seams
A rule unraveled—a new road traveled

Words tumble from her lips
Words tumble from her lips

Words tumble from her lips
He listens, he listens and thinks her wise
A prey chosen—a spell woven

Words tumble from her lips
He believes, he believes each of her lies
A love grows— a lust shows

Words tumble from her lips
He desires, he desires to be her prize
A plea spoken—a heart broken

Words tumble from her lips
Words tumble from her lips

Words tumble from her lips
Quick, turn away, do not listen
A siren’s chant— a passion scant

Words tumble from her lips
Ah, look how her fibs glisten
A web of lies strung—a tall tale sung

Words tumble from her lips
Yes, all are caught in her prison
A wish sought—a hope caught

Words tumble from her lips
Words tumble from her lips

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Very Productive Night

First, I made some more animal mix doodles and made a tumblr for them. You should check it out ^_^

And then things started going weird....

But I ended on a good note:

We should all dance like this robot :3