Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Family Member Free Write for writing workshop

Name: Maya Dias Estrela (my sister)

Age: 9

Appearance: Tall and skinny. Long straight dark brown hair that is very smooth and light.Dark brown eyes that are very Chinese like. Slightly pudgy nose. Light tan skin. Pink skinny lips that are usually dry and chapped. Marilyn Monroe-esque beauty mark on the corner above her the left side of her lip, three other beauty marks by left cheek close to her ear and one on her right cheek. Awkward but cute smile. Small hands with long skinny fingers and long fingernails. Big feet. Her right hand and right leg are weaker and less functional motor skills wise, but that is only noticeable if you pay very close attention. Recently got braces.

Clothing: Usually wears bright colored sweatpants or jeans, with a colorful graphic tee-shirt, a sweat jacket and sneakers with colorful socks. Her hair is worn down or in a low ponytail. She never wears any jewelry or make-up.

Personality: Maya is a very talkative child. She never shuts up. Ever. She always has something to say or a question to ask. She likes facts and so she needs to know every little detail about everything, and she will ask you about every aspect of whatever it is you’re talking about until she is satisfied. She takes everything literally, and doesn’t understand jokes. She’s very attention craving and has a tendency to get jealous. She gets upset very easily, and is very sensitive. She doesn’t like change and had conservative leanings. She is very attached to things. She likes to yell. She is very very loud.

Maya is a very sweet girl. She is extremely intelligent, and learns quickly. She has a very precise memory for events and facts. She cares a lot about her family and friends. She remembers everyone’s birthdays and is always ready to give out hugs. She has a lot of determination and knows what she wants in life and what she has to do to get them. She’s very ambitious and what she lacks in creativity and patience she makes up with willpower.

Quirks: She doesn’t like it when people laugh at her, even jokingly…because she can’t tell they’re joking. She doesn’t like it when people sing when she wants to be the one singing. No one can tell her what to do; she refuses to listen to them. She also hates it when I call her “monkey”.

Hobbies: Maya likes gathering facts about states and presidents, bothering her sister, reading and writing very factual stories. She would like drawing but she has no patience and ends up just getting frustrated. She likes collecting things. Maya also enjoys playing outside and watching reruns on tv.

Habits: She has a habit of speaking very loudly. She asks people to repeat themselves just to make sure she hear them right. She repeats incidents she found funny even if they just happened two seconds ago. Maya has the habit of getting really angry, crossing her arms and pouting every few minutes. She also has the habit of speaking English even when we tell her to speak Portuguese.

(I love u monkey~!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Don't Know Why

I Don't Know Why
by FE Dec 8 2010

You stare at me with accusing eyes,

waiting for me to explain myself,

to tell you why I do, all these things I do.

But I remain quiet,

not a word escapes my lips.

My mind screams in protest.

“Say something! Say anything!”

What can I say?

How can I explain what

I myself don’t understand?

You turn away with a

disappointed look.

I reach out to you in tears

And whisper a single quiet phrase.

“I don’t know...”

I don’t know why I do what I do.

I don’t know why I think what I think.

I don’t know why. I don’t know why.

"I don't know why..."

Please Look My Way

Please Look My Way
by FE Dec 6 2010

I watch you from across the room,

You laugh at someone’s stupid joke.

Perhaps, you’ll turn towards me soon,

But I doubt there’s any hope.

There are times I ponder,

Whether you even know I’m here.

Then I pause to wonder,

What are the things you hold dear.

And then it finally happens,

You look my way.

My face reddens with passion.

Shyly, I look away.

My heart beats in a flurry,

And I am wrought with anguish.

My vision turns so blurry,

I wish I could simply vanish.

But I hear you call my name,

And you come to take my hand.

Thus, you’ve set my heart aflame,

And made my world expand.

Not Perfect

Not Perfect
by FE Dec 3 2010

Why do you say I’m perfect?

When I’m perfectly aware I’m not?

You tell me

      my eyes shine brighter than the stars,

      my lips are softer than rose petals,

      my laugh is a happy melody and,

     my smile is warmer than sunshine.

But I know,

      my eyes are dark, cold and unforgiving,

      my lips are chapped and rough,

      my laugh is loud and off key and,

      my smile is awkward and shy.

So why do you say I’m perfect?

It’s time you accept me as I am,

Or not at all.

The Girl In the Mirror

The Girl In the Mirror
by FE Dec 6 2010

There’s a stranger in my mirror.

Staring straight at me.

She’s stolen my reflection

And shown me all that I could be.

Her hair is silky.

Her skin is smooth.

Her eyes are bright.

Her lips are plump.

I gaze at the girl in the mirror.

A perfect version of me.

I could never be her,

Not even in my dreams.


by FE Dec.3 2010

Under a full moon,

On a lonely park bench,

Two lovers sit, side by side.

Tonight, there is only them.

He places his hand

On top of hers,

And she looks to him,

With eyes brighter than stars.

Her hand on his heart,

His hand on her thigh,

Their eyes never leaving the others.

Tonight, there is only them.

As they lean in closer,

All their worries are forgotten.

Lips meet lips,

And the rest is bliss.

A Love Like Ours

I've been working on quite a few poems recently. Here's one:

A love like ours
by FE Dec. 3 2010

Hold me close and don’t let go,

Let me hear your heart beat next to mine.

Hold me close and don’t let go,

We can’t waste a second of precious time.

Today, I won’t say no

To your soft touch, and sweet caress.

Today I won’t say no,

So let’s be free, and forget the stress.

Just go with the flow,

And don’t doubt a single second.

Just go with the flow,

No need to stop and reckon.

Hold me close and don’t let go,

Let me hear your heart beat next to mine.

Hold me close and don’t let go,

Because a love like ours is hard to find.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Life Instructions

Monday Writing Workshop Exercise

Life Instructions

1) Eat something sweet every once in a while

2) Visit your family often, especially if they live far away

3) Buy books, read books, share books, write books, fill your house with books

4) Never leave home without a notebook and pencil

5) Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself

6) Be adventurous and curious

7) Travel to different countries and learn everything about them

8) Learn something new, about yourself and about the world around you, everyday

9) Have at least one true best friend, and be their best friend in return

10) Memorize the lyrics to your favourite songs

11) Sing out, sing loud, sing proud

12) Let your imagination run wild

13) Do something life-risking

14) Cry when you feel sad, laugh when you feel happy, scream when you’re upset, never hide your true feelings

15) Never break a promise, if you can’t keep a promise then just don’t make it

16) Don’t tell other people’s secrets, but tell everyone yours

17) Break a rule one time in your life, and then reflect on it

18) Tell someone you love them everyday

19) Always be yourself, no matter how odd, silly, or crazy that is

20) And most of all, never give up hope

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday!! (TO ME!)

This is my Birthday Card to myself lol

The Cake is not a lie ;)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I LOVE my new Bamboo Tablet

 For my B-Day, which is coming up in a few weeks, my dad got me a wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet
Today I played around with it and made these pics on photoshop!
I can't believe I drew these directly on the computer! ZOMG! XD
I looove my new art tablet of awesomeness!
Thanks Ze! LOOVE U!



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pleasantly Sour Lust's Secret p4 and 5

HUZZAH! The last pages! :3

The Sins continue to spy on Lust,
but without success...
until Greed and Envy take a peek
into Lust's room!

 Lust's Secret is revealed!
The symbol of seduction,
is a nerd in her own right.
And she has a monocle...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blogger is mean


I finished the last pages of Lust's Secret.
As soon as the dumb maintenance thing is done I'll put the pages up.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Another poem for my writing workshop class monday exercise
We had to write about of 1st day freshman year :P I think it came out ok but I'm not super happy with it :P :P

Anxiety grips my being,
my nerves are on edge,
I do not know what to expect.
I walk into to a crowded lobby,
an unrecognizable mass of people
morphs around me.
I search for a friendly face
in the mob.
In a corner I recognize
one of my friends,
I push and shove through the crowd
until I reach him.
We smile and say hello,
but we can see in each others eyes
that we are both a bit afraid.
Soon all of our friends
are herded together.
Familiar beings
in an unfamiliar place.

Now, they’ve set us loose.
After waiting in homeroom,
for an hour or two,
my day finally begins.
I hold my schedule
tightly in my hand.
this thin piece of paper
is the difference between
life and death.
I wander in circles
searching for the right room.
Time is ticking away,
it’s a battle against the bell.
I find my destination.
But there is no one here I know,
surely I must be mistaken.
So I check the room number,
then I check it again.
The schedule does not lie.
I take a seat,
and do not let out a peep.
Then a friend walks in,
I cheer with joy!
“I thought I was in the wrong place!
I walked by this room at least twice!”
I inform her.
She laughs and admits
she did the very same.
Another friend comes,
followed by a few others.
Familiar beings
in an unfamiliar place.

Many days pass,
a routine is established.
New friends are made.
New knowledge is gained.
I find myself looking forward
to each and every day.
Familiar beings,
in a familiar place.


Poem for my Writing Workshop class Monday exercise! xD
We wrote down 10 words, passed them around and then wrote something using 8 out of 10 of the words.
The words I got are underlined. :3


Like a bat out of

hell he entered

my life, and then

just as quickly he left.

And I, who had fallen so violently in love,

am left alone with mournful thoughts.

My soul writhes in the torment

known as loneliness.

The screams in my skull

are fighting to burst out.

His love has killed me

and I’ve been reborn

as a demon.

He made me

laugh and now

I’ll make





Have my


In case you didn't notice, the poem is in a shape of a dagger and a drop of blood ;3
Cheery isn't it? xD

The Anime Club

I wrote a poem about some of my favourite people in the world, the members of my school's anime club <3
It was for my AP English class, we read part of the Canterbury Tales, and my teacher had us all write our own prologue :3

Prologue: The Anime Club

Hey, there bub?

What's up? What's up?

I'm here t'tell you 'bout the Anime Club!

Now, I promise not to get lazy,

while trying to describe our special kind of crazy,

but you'll have to forgive me if the details are hazy!

First up is our president,

all of us she does represent

without ever being hesitant.

Her name is Brooke,

she's never caught without her sketchbook,

and her punk-rave style is off the hook!

Second in command is the V.P.,

who just happens to be little me

as small and as deadly as a killer bee.

Next in line,

and my partner in crime,

is Jen McBrine!

Cool, smart and level-headed,

her company is never dreaded!

So in our family she's forever embedded.

Best friend of me and Jen,

is a lovely red-headed gem,

who will gladly munch on your brain stem.

It's Natalie of course,

a zombie without remorse!

Don't you upset her or she'll chase you with her horse!

Oh, I mustn't forget Kat,

who's as wild as a bat,

and always ready for ninja combat!

There's also Erin Bassler,

more hyper than a hamster,

her hugs are so tight, they could cause a fracture!

Good timid Nicole

has a heart of gold,

but she likes to see things explode.

Sarah and Brittany are really sweet,

not even a fly would they mistreat.

People as kind as they are hard to meet!

Monica is artsy and new,

Alisa, and her brother Mike ,too.

Ah ha! My mention of the boys is overdue!

In our club there are plenty of guys.

(After all the girls need someone to chastise,

but now let me continue to improvise...)

The first boy in our roll call,

is Freddie who's big as a wall!

He stands at over 50 feet tall.

Kyle Aptt always hogs

the internet searching for Manga blogs,

his eyes have become like a frog's.

Josh and Lee are best friends,

neither follows popular trends,

for they are content with their own odds and ends.

There's also Brad and his girlfriend Eve,

who are never apart, I believe.

Their love is cute and naïve.

Lastly there's Eathan,

who's odd beyond reason.

So that's our club every season.

We're one happy group,

a most merry troupe,

ready to greet you with a whoop.

Now I must say goodbye,

but there's no need to cry,

for you'll always find one of us lurking nearby!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pleasantly Sour- Lust's Secret page 3

Lust's Secret Page 3! YAY! xD

The sins gather together
united for a higher purpose
of clever sneakery.
What will they find?
Only time will tell.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pleasantly Sour- Lust's Secret pg 2

The next page of Lust's Secret just as promised ^^

Greed declares her suspicions
to Pride and Gluttony.
Pride agrees,
Gluttony says something dumb.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pleasantly Sour- Lust's Secret

Here's the newest Pleasantly Sour story! :D

Lust's Secret:
Of all her sister Lust seems to be the most tame sin.
She's quiet and shy and so very sweet.
Strange qualities in a sin.
Greed suspects something's up.
Does Lust have some deep dark secret?

Page 1

Check back on Tuesday for the next page! :3

Friday, September 3, 2010

I've Returned

Lol I'M BAAACK! ^^
And I'ev got tons of things to post!


So just you wait~!

I've got 2 more Pleasantly Sour Comics!

and pics of my climbing a volcano!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hi! From Cape Verde

I am vacationing in Cape Verde, on the island of Sal.
Today I went to the beach, it was great!!! Here's some pictures!
at the beach :D


I'm enjoying myself so much ^^ but don't be jealous k?
haha please enjoy my fail mspaint drawing of Envy ^^
drawing with a mouse pad and a finger is not fun... trust me xD

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pleasantly Sour

Pleasantly Sour is a new idea for a comic I had a few months back. The charaters are the embodiements of the seven sins. There is also another character who will appear often who is Death. :3 I did most of the character design back in March xD This is the first lil comic :3 More to come hopefully!

Here's the charaters in chibi form :3

Rise of the Phoenix

My first attempt at using watercolors ^^
I came up with a random lil background story xD

She's an angel that fell from heaven and turned to ash. But her stubborn and determined spirit lead her to be reborn as a creature of fire. She rose from her ashes and became a phoenix.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Look

I was fooling around with the blogger template designer. xP
So my blog can be purrdy~! xD xD
I made myself a background too! Yay photoshop!! :D
Any suggestions on anything else I should change? :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


7 GOALS!!!!!!!!!
X3 !! <3 <3 <3 ~!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Space Girl

I think it came out cool  ;3

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hinata's Vendetta

Inked and colored on photoshop :)

this is a lil joke for any Naruto fans ^^
for those who don't know Naruto it's a manga
They're ninjas lol
 Hinata, a really shy ninja girl that kicks butt, confessed to Naruto (after about a 100+ chapters of ppl waiting to see her confess) and her confession motivates Naruto to  kick some evil ninja's butt.
But then we never get to see Naruto go talk to Hinata after the fight is over. SHe's just cast aside, and forgotten and ignored. It's beeen like 50+ chapters sinsce then and still NO HINATA! :P well this is what I invison should be her reaction once Naruto goes back to his village and goes to see her ^^

click on the image to see it close up and find out what Naruto is saying :)

Memories Lost in Time

inked and colored on photoshop

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nyan~! x 4

A kitty girl in 4 different styles

colored on photoshop~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~colored in colored pencils
   inked ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~pencil sketch

Monday, June 7, 2010


I <3 Zombies way too much

Best Undead Friends Forever

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why live in Reality, when Fantasy is so much better?

The Game and Hippies

You Just Lost The Game --colored
Original Sketch

Hippies-not finished colored but looking really cool
original sketch

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's my bff Jen's birthday~! This was her birthday present! A drawing of her and Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club ^^I'm so glad u liked it Jen!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


My friend Natalie came over and we made Zombie Sugar Cookies! They were awesome! It was lots of fun ^-^ and a huge mess! But we cleaned it up! Nat and I have this weird obssession with zombies ^^ hahaha most people dont understand it but we dont really care! ZOMBIES R AWESOME! and that is all that needs to be said !


for more pictures of the cookies check out my Facebook ^^

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tribute to the Greek Gods


 If someone asked me to pick a set of Gods or a God that I wish were absolutely and undisputably real, I would pick the Greek Gods. Now, these guys knew how to have a fun time! I have always had a fascination towards Greek Mythology. I don't really know why, but I love the Greek Gods and Goddesses, they're just so FUN! They're crazy! They're wild! They're definetly far from perfect! I just think having these guys around would make the world very exciting to say the least.

'Kay, so the drawing above was colored on photoshop. I think it came out ok, I need to start fooling around more on photoshop. There are some really cool effects and stuff I just need to practice using them.
Tomorrow, I'm going to color in the drawing of this in my notebook with pencils and I'll post it here to see which came out better.

Below is the inked version, not colored.

The drawing is of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and Justice, standing off against Poseidon, the great big God of the Sea! Athena and Poseidon are big rivals, always arguing and trying to out do each other. One of their famous "battles" was their contest to see which God would get the city Athens named after them. (Obviously Athena won) Each of them was to present a gift to the people of Athens and the people would name their city after the God with the best gift. Poseidon gave them a spring of seawater, and Athena gave them an olive tree. The people decided the olive tree was more useful and a better gift so the Athena became their patron Goddess (of awesomness ;) ). 

Sunday, February 21, 2010


This is me.
I am bored.
I haven't done anything the past week.
I had vacation.
I was lazy.
This is me,
being bored.